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Actors Teach Drama to Prison Inmates, Now ‘Women in Blue, A Prison Play’ is Born

*’WOMEN IN BLUE | a prison play’ chronicles a day in the life of four women prisoners. Inspired by true stories and the actors’ experiences teaching theater inside correctional facilities, this play humanizes incarcerated mothers while exposing the hidden realities of life behind bars. Through story-telling, mime, poetry, and music, light is shed on the tenacity of the human spirit in broken places. Women in Blue aims to bridge the gap of the free and incarcerated, bringing that which is out of sight into our minds and hearts.

The four actors/playwrights in WOMEN IN BLUE | a prison play have taught and directed theater in correctional facilities in California including: California State Prison Los Angeles County, Century Regional Detention Facility, California Institute for Men, and Men’s Central Jail. Continue reading