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When Did We Stop Being ‘Women’ and Start Being ‘Female’?

“Middle fingers up. Tell ’em boy by!'” –Beyonce

*I know you’ve noticed it. Not recently, but years ago. Men, not all, but too many, stopped referring to women as such; and started calling us by our gender, female.

I was once told this use of the word came from the prison mentality. You know, where men and women are made to feel like animals, and separated into different areas. There, the word is used as a form of contempt…purposely.

Males over here. Females over there.

But then it started migrating into the general population and its as if the word “women” is forbidden.

Even today, when athletes such as Cam Newton, who just got fired from his spokesperson role for Dannon Yogurt, speak publicly and address a woman, she is called by her gender.

Newton’s comment, ?It?s funny to hear a female talk about routes like ? it?s funny.? Too bad the people at Dannon Yogurt didn’t think so.

There is something so very unnatural about the use of the word in that comment. Why couldn’t he just say “woman?”

…and while I’m on it. Let me take the opportunity to address the obvious “elephant in the room” I may have alerted. No, I don’t believe Newton should have been fired for this comment.

More on that later. Continue reading