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Meet the Youngest Haitian Philosopher in the World: Werley Nortreus

Werley Nortreus

*In this world that we are living in, most people think a black person can’t be a Philosopher, except white people, and that’s when people are wrong with such judgments.

Not everyone has the capacity to be a Philosopher because only the chosen and the gifted can be big thinkers, and that’s true, but who wouldn’t think that Haiti and African countries gave birth to a lot of Philosophers who are contributing to a better world?

A country like Haiti that the society and the world have classified as the world’s poorest country, but who wouldn’t think that Haiti could give birth to a Philosopher like Werley Nortreus? Well, just because Haiti is degrading, most people think Haitian Philosophers don’t exist anymore or at all, and that’s when people are wrong.

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