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Toys “R” Us Closing All 800 Stores in the U. S…Yikes! No Severance for Employees (Watch)

*Doggone  it! The changing times have put yet another institution out of business. 800 stores, 31,000 employee out of work…with no severance pay, equals disaster!

Any formula using this code will likely come to the same conclusion. 

That famous jingle, “I want to be a Toys “R” Us kid,” is a part of childhood memories we won’t soon forget. And for those children fortunate enough to visit the store, they will no doubt begin to ask mommy and daddy why they can no longer go there.

The closing of this iconic institution absolutely marks the end of an era, and as if that isn’t sad enough, the shocking part of this news is not only will employees be out of a job, due to bankruptcy laws, they won’t even have severance pay to help soften the blow.

According to Fox Business News, analysts say the reason for this massive business downfall is the company “had huge debt and couldn’t keep up with trends.”  Continue reading