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Woman Who ‘Middle-Fingered’ Trump Fired From Her Job

In a ‘timing is everything’ kind of way, Juli Briskman shows true feelings for Trump as his motorcade passes by. (Facebook photo)

*Well, aren’t you surprised it took so long for the woman who gave Donald Trump the middle finger as his motorcade passed while she rode her bike in Virginia last month to be let go from her place of employment?

After all, the photo of Juli Briskman, 50, doing what many wished we could do in his presence, went straight up viral. No mistaking what her intention was as a photographer traveling with the motorcade carrying Trump captured the woman — who had yet to be identified — from behind.

Whatever happened to Freedom of Speech?

Briskman was hailed  as a hero by many who even thought she should consider a run for office in the 2020 election. And needless to say, comedic Late-night TV hosts had a field day with the story.

But alas, the fateful day of reckoning came for Briskman after she chose to use the photo as her social media profile shot.

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