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I Escaped 9/11 By A Day — What’s Your Near Fatal Story (Everybody’s Got At Least One!)

*In my line of work I am constantly reminded of my own mortality. Whether its hearing others share stories about something that happened to a loved one, or news articles written or forwarded by me. I don’t take my life for granted. Still, being human I find myself complaining.

…a lot.

It is at those times that I am sometimes conscious enough to step outside of my self indulgence and not only recall the many “close calls” I’ve had in life; incidents where I was in serious danger and could’ve lost my life along with the life of a loved one.

And these are only the incidents I am aware of. Do you know how many times you were protected against dangers you didn’t even know about? I shudder to think. But I do recall the following two. Continue reading