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‘Survivalist’ Woman Arrested After You-Tubers Out Her for Videos Show Her Killing and Eating Endangered Animals

Videos show Ah Lin Tuch skinning and eating king cobras, stingrays, and more.Natural Life TV/YouTube

*Wow. Looking at the picture above, can you determine what that thing is? Some kind of shark? As JB would say, “Whats-N-evah that is, its got to be funky!”

This is just one of the endangered animals survivalists Ah Lin Tuch and her husband Phoun Raty monetized on YouTube videos that showed them skinning and eating animals that included endangered fishing cats, king cobras, stingrays and frogs, according to the Metro.

Once viewers of their YouTube channel Natural Life TV realized several of the animals were actually protected, they reported the couple to the authorities.

Now deleted videos showed Ah Lin eating a large lizard, shark meat, frogs, and a number of protected birds. Continue reading