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Man Indicted After Attempt to Have His African American Neighbor Murdered

Brandon Cory Lecroy

*A Grand Jury has indicted a South Carolina man who tried to hire a hitman to murder his African American neighbor.

Brandon Cory Lecroy, 25, of Hodges, was arrested in April after he contacted a white supremacist group and began a conversation that ended up making arrangements to get the job done.

He had no idea he was negotiating the deed with an undercover FBI agent, according to what authorities say in federal court docs.

On Tuesday, Lecroy was indicted on federal charges of soliciting someone to commit a violent crime, and using interstate commerce facilities — in this case, a cellphone — in the alleged scheme, the US Attorney’s Office in Greenville says.

No one knows why Lecroy wanted his neighbor dead, but then again, has anyone ever met a racist that could string two sentences together to form a cohesive thought? Continue reading