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Teen Killed By Homophobic Dad: ‘He’d Rather Have A Dead Son Than A Gay One!’

Father Wendall Melton (L), son Giovanni Melton (R)

*This is absolutely heartbreaking. And once you accept that, you’ll probably get mad as hell. A dad in Nevada fatally wounded his 14-year-old son because he was gay.

According to the teen’s former foster mom, Sonja Jones, 53-year-old Wendall Melton walked in on his son, Giovanni Melton, who was with his boyfriend and shot the boy dead.

Giovanni lived in the apartment where the incident took place alone (which is weird in itself. How does a teenage boy live alone in an apartment?).  

The teen was alive — but in critical condition — after being shot. He was taken to St. Rose Dominican Hospital?Siena Campus initially, according to the Henderson Police Department, but died soon after. The police dept. put a statement on Facebook saying, ?As a result of their investigation, Henderson Police detectives determined that Melton discharged a firearm that fatally struck his son.? Continue reading