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Watch: ‘Returning the Favor’ Reality Show Surprises 14-Year-Old Soap Maker With His Own Store

*Donovan Steele and his mother, Casey, were once homeless. After his mom, a Navy veteran, came home, she was diagnosed with PTSD and working a minimum wage job coupled with a small amount of child support just wasn’t enough to keep a roof over their head.

Casey ended up having to sell everything she owned, her car, a small amount of jewelry, until she had nothing left. She explains on the show, Returning the Favor, that one of her worst and most hopeless moments was when there was no hot water for her son Donovan to shower. He was shivering in the cold and this brought her to tears.

She told him that if he didn’t keep himself clean, someone would know something was wrong and call Child Protective Services; and they would come and take him away from her.

But some people, no matter what age they are, are not going to be defeated.

Donovan and his mother are two of those people. Continue reading