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10 Questions You’re Probably Afraid to Ask Your Doctor (But Should)

*Let’s just keep it real here, OK? You have to be darn near dead to even step foot in a doctors office, right? Black folk just don’t do doctors unless we absolutely have to.


Personally, I changed that habit about a year ago. Just ask my insurance company. The new ME will feel an ache somewhere that I’ve never felt one before and I’ll be a walk-in at my doctors office…that day!

But even with that, I am still a bit shy to ask certain questions. Even shier if the doctor is handsome. I’ll bet I’m not alone in that. I won’t subscribe to the T.M.I. strategy today, and reveal the question I asked my nurse practitioner yesterday; But I WILL say it was a step up from the shyness this patient had in the past.

I decided to share 10 questions you’re probably afraid to ask your doctor as a result of my brainstorm in deciding what you might to hear today. I’d appreciate it if you’d respond by adding to the list in the ThisNthat comments section. What questions are YOU afraid to ask your doctor? Continue reading