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Oh God! First He Grabbed Her P**sy, Then He Shook Her Hand! Poor Mrs. Trump (Watch)

First Lady Melania Trump greets military families before introducing her husband, Donald Trump.

*I know poor may not the best choice of words when it comes to describing someone as wealthy as First Lady Melania Trump. But we’re not talking money here. We’re talking something much more valuable: her sanity and what it must take to act like you even like your husband.

I’m over the whole comparison of the overt differences between this awkward couple and their predecessors, the loving Barack and Michelle Obama. I mean really, there is NO comparison; so why hash up the obvious.

But I must say this, Barack Obama would have NEVER…in the words of Friday’s “Smokey,” ever, ever, ever, ever, shook Michelle Obama’s hand following an intro or anything else.

This sh*t was just plain awkward!  Language expert says it spells trouble in the marriage.

Watch for yourself below. Continue reading

1950s TV Western Features Con Man Named Trump Who Wanted To Build A Wall


*They say life imitates art. ?Sometimes, it’s the other way around.

A western drama TV series called “Trackdown,” ran from 1957 to 1959. ?One of the series’ episodes, entitled “End of the World,” featured a con man named Walter Trump who told everyone that he could prevent the world from ending by…

wait for it…

building a wall.

For real. ?

While OUR Trump wants to keep all of the raping, murdering Mexicans out of the country, the fictional Walter Trump’s wall was envisioned as the ultimate protector from a “cosmic explosion.”

Hilariously, the similarities don’t end there. ? OUR Trump and THAT Trump had similar speaking patterns. ?Check out this snippet of dialogue from the 1958 episode, and see if you agree: Continue reading

The Legacy of President Barack Obama…and an Apology to President George W. Bush

US President Obama Visits Berlin

*Prior to 2008, Barack Hussein Obama did what I’d thought was impossible, or at the very least improbable during my lifetime: he, an unapologetically brown-skinned man, got elected President of the United States. In doing so, he began an eight year journey that led our country to a better place, while affirming a declaration my mother made to me when I was a little boy about everyone being able to be president. Continue reading

FLOTUS Shocks People Recording ‘Goodbye Tributes’ on Jimmy Fallon (Watch)



*My eyes are sore from all the tears as we continue to watch the goodbye tributes to President and First Lady Obama, Malia and Sasha across social media platforms.

Recently, Jimmy Fallon had guests tape messages to the FLOTUS. They poured their hearts out while looking at a large picture of her on the wall. Little did they know, she was closer than they thought..

As NewsOne reports, tears began to flow as FLOTUS emerged, sometimes so taken by what was being said, right in the middle of their message.

?For years you have shown our nation countless times that through dignity, compassion and respect we can overcome any hardship,??one woman who burst into tears once she realized the First Lady stood in front of her said. Continue reading