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Pasadena Playhouse Announces ‘[email protected]’ Initiative (Free Tickets for Local Students & Nonprofits)

*It takes a village and Pasadena Playhouse — the official State of California Theatre — has stepped up to announce a new free ticket initiative called [email protected] The initiative will give access to thousands of area students, nonprofit organizations and social support entities to enjoy live theatrical performances at the Playhouse.   The initiative, sponsored by Wells Fargo Bank, will invite those who may never have the opportunity to experience the transformative nature of theatre, to attend.

These groups will be offered the Playhouse?s season programming, and attend on general performance dates.
Producing Artistic Director Danny Feldman said, ?Our mission at the Playhouse is to use theater to enrich the lives of our community yet many among us, including students, are often priced out of this experience. [email protected] increases access to professional theater for all audiences by providing thousands of free tickets to those who might otherwise not be able to attend. ?

David DiCristofaro, executive vice president of Wells Fargo and a member of the Pasadena Playhouse Board of Directors said, ?There?s something powerful and magical about the theater, as it is a place where one can be transformed and taken to another world and share that experience with other theater attendees. We understand that many members of the community for different reasons cannot obtain the experience of live theater, and it is why we fund the arts to support programs and outreach to low-income, diverse communities and to share with them this amazing opportunity. Together, we at Wells Fargo with the Pasadena Playhouse, hope to remove these barriers and do our part to make theatre accessible to everyone.? 
In addition to attending performances, participants will have access to post-show discussions and student workshops for select productions. Both will create a forum for analysis and greater engagement with play themes, topics, character development, and plot ? encouraging empathy and understanding. 
This program can achieve a number of objectives from fostering greater awareness and appreciation for theater, to enhancing quality of life and strengthening community connections.  And finally, the Pasadena Playhouse and Wells Fargo Bank can cultivate a larger community by creating meaningful relationships with participating groups.
Current partnership schools include Pasadena Unified School District schools (Blair Middle and High Schools, Marshall Fundamental, Pasadena High School); Aspire Ollin University (secondary school), Aveson Charter School, California School for the Deaf, New Girls Academy, Northview Intermediate School, and Rosamond High School.
Youth services organization partners include Asian Pacific Family Center, Glendale Youth Alliance, North Hollywood Jeopardy Program (LAPD), Teen Court Project for Justice, and T.Y.M.E. Foundation.
Others include Day One, L.A. CADA, Lake Avenue Foundation, Los Angeles Red Cross Americorps, and Unusual Suspects Theatre Program.
For more information about [email protected], or to apply to become a program partner, visit www.pasadenaplayhouse.org/communityatplay

EUR Theatre Review: Pasadena Playhouse Presents the Future of the Monarchy in ‘King Charles III’

Jim Abele as King Charles III in the Pasadena Playhouse production of the same name. Photo credit: Jenny Graham.

*In this fictional account of What if… or better yet, What will happen when… Queen Elizabeth II has died and her son, Prince Charles, who has been waiting a lifetime to assume the role of King, is preparing his ascent to the throne.

Pasadena Playhouse presents King Charles III, written by Mike Bartlett and directed by Michael Michetti, November 8 through December 3rd.

The play opens with a dark lit stage as a funeral procession signaling the death of the Queen reveals a solemn display where lines of people carrying lighted candles move amid the columns of a section in the palace.

Its an already impressive set.

We witness a rather apprehensive Prince Charles of Wales (Jim Abele) preparing for his new role as King. Not that he didn’t know this day would come, after all, he’s been waiting for it — but it appears he didn’t fully realize the weight of the responsibility — nor the expectations it carries. But a hard-nosed Prime Minister Evans (J. Paul Boehmer), an unyielding publicity counsel Reiss (Mark Capri) and Stevens (Carie Kawa), the opposition leader who can’t be trusted by anyone, is constantly in his ear to remind him that he is expected to keep things the way they’ve been for the past 91 years.

No easy feat, especially with his first order of official business being to sign a Bill that stands to so fiercely impact the infrastructure of the monarchy’s future. Continue reading

Danny Glover Reprises Husband Role in Interracial Marriage Drama, Yohen

Danny Glover (L) and June Angela star in Robey Theatre/East West Players revival of Yohen. Directed by Ben Guillory.

*Legendary actor, Danny Glover returns to the role of James Washington in the revival of Philip Kan Gotanda‘s play, ‘Yohen.’ Glover originated the role in 1999 at the East West Players ‘ David Henry Hwang Theater, so its sort of a homecoming that the piece is returning there and will run November 1 through November 19.

Washington stars with Tony award winning actress June Angela as Sumi, his Japanese wife, in this dramatic play about an interracial couple who has been married for 37-years but is now struggling with that marriage following the husband’s retirement from the U.S. Army. 

Now that James is home practically all the time, life and its many intricacies — love, aging, etc. come into question by the couple.

Continue reading

Danny Glover on Board As L. A. Women’s Theatre Festival Races to Reach its ‘Kickstarter Goal’ in 4 More Days!!!

"Women. What would life be without them? Well ...there would be no life without them." Danny Glover LAWTF Honorary Co-Chairperson (Twitter photo)
“Women. What would life be without them??Well …there would be no life without them.”–Danny Glover,?LAWTF Honorary Co-Chairperson (Twitter photo)

*(Hollywood) During this time of gratitude, the Los Angeles Women’s Theatre Festival (LAWTF) thanks those who have contributed to their 2016-17 Kickstarter Campaign.

As they gear up for their 24th Annual Festival, “TAKING FLIGHT” they welcome 18 phenomenal women performers who will share their stories through dance, theatre, song, spoken word and laughter. Some of these performers will come from as far away as London and Israel to be a part of this magical event.

Presently, the festival has 34 backers and it has raised $4370. ?They are $5630 away from their goal of $10,000 and they have until midnight January, 14th to accomplish this.?

It can be done!? It must be done!?Otherwise, they stand to lose all of their contributions from those who have pledged thus far.?

If you have not become a backer yet, they hope you will do so today? Continue reading