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Maryland Man Kills 2-Year-old Daughter and her Mother After Paycheck Garnished for $600/Month (Watch)

?How much is too much to allow a 2-year-old to live??

This was the question asked by Prince George County’s State Attorney Angela D. Alsobrooks (D) asked the jury in her opening statement.

?Is it $200? Is it $400? Is $600 the magic number?? she said.

It’s hard to believe a father would kill his child, not to mention her mother, because of child support. But on Tuesday, a jury convicted a Maryland man named Daron Boswell-Johnson on two counts of murder in the double killing.  

Reports say not long after Boswell-Johnson became a father he took to the Internet posting questions that related to child support in hopes that other dad’s who had gone through it could help. 

According to the Washington Post, in 2015 Boswell-Johnson’s posts asked, ?How can I stop child support?? ?How does the court know if child support is not paid?? he typed shortly after.

And in January 2016, he asked, ?What if I am behind on my child support??

It would only be a few weeks later that his paycheck would start seeing a $600 a month garnish. Soon after, in the early morning of Feb. 2, 2016, his daughter Chloe Davis-Green and her mother, NeShante Davis, were dead. Continue reading