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BET Founder Bob Johnson Still Trumpeting The Donald’s Administration As ‘Better Economically’ for African Americans (Listen)

*Money still talks, and BET founder Bob Johnson, aka the First Black Billionaire has spoken once more about the favorable economy Donald Trump’s administration has produced “especially for African Americans” since the end of the Obama administration.

In an interview on Friday with CNBC‘s “Squawk Box” (Scroll down to listen) on Friday, Johnson said “something is going right” with Donald Trump’s economy.

Remember, everyone is entitled to their opinion. And seeing as BILLIONAIRES didn’t get to that stage by accident, it might be worthwhile to listen to Johnson’s reasoning.

Here’s a question you might want to consider: Does not voting for a particular political party mean there is NOTHING in their beliefs that you agree with?

Johnson’s interview may have you questioning this. Continue reading

What! North Carolina Woman Wins Lottery Twice in One Day!?

*Michelle Shuffler and her husband decided to use the few extra bucks her husband had in his pockets on Sunday to play the lottery — something, she said, they never do.

Little did they know, their karma was about to show up and show out!

When they stopped at the Cubbard Express gas station in Lenoir, N.C., they decided to buy a scratch off Million Dollar Fever ticket.

They were shocked to see they had won $10,000!

But the fact that the ticket implied a Million was actually possible, they decided to press their luck again. Continue reading