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EUR Theatre Review: Pasadena Playhouse Presents the Future of the Monarchy in ‘King Charles III’

Jim Abele as King Charles III in the Pasadena Playhouse production of the same name. Photo credit: Jenny Graham.

*In this fictional account of What if… or better yet, What will happen when… Queen Elizabeth II has died and her son, Prince Charles, who has been waiting a lifetime to assume the role of King, is preparing his ascent to the throne.

Pasadena Playhouse presents King Charles III, written by Mike Bartlett and directed by Michael Michetti, November 8 through December 3rd.

The play opens with a dark lit stage as a funeral procession signaling the death of the Queen reveals a solemn display where lines of people carrying lighted candles move amid the columns of a section in the palace.

Its an already impressive set.

We witness a rather apprehensive Prince Charles of Wales (Jim Abele) preparing for his new role as King. Not that he didn’t know this day would come, after all, he’s been waiting for it — but it appears he didn’t fully realize the weight of the responsibility — nor the expectations it carries. But a hard-nosed Prime Minister Evans (J. Paul Boehmer), an unyielding publicity counsel Reiss (Mark Capri) and Stevens (Carie Kawa), the opposition leader who can’t be trusted by anyone, is constantly in his ear to remind him that he is expected to keep things the way they’ve been for the past 91 years.

No easy feat, especially with his first order of official business being to sign a Bill that stands to so fiercely impact the infrastructure of the monarchy’s future. Continue reading