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33rd Annual ‘Kingdom Day Parade’ Looks Awesome…Here’s What You Can Expect to See!

Photo credit: ABC-7, 31st Annual Kingdom Day Parade in Los Angeles

*April 4, 2018 will mark 50 years since the assassination of a man widely known, respected and remembered for his ongoing work on the civil rights platform. Come to think of it, its rather appropriate to call him the Godfather of Civil Rights. I won’t go into details, those too young to know and those who want a refresher on his work can go here.

But the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. does live on, and with the apparent ongoing attempts to alter or change the reality that is U. S. history, we must ensure that he is never, ever forgotten.

With that said, the 33rd Annual Kingdom Day Parade will serve up an offering that sounds too good to be missed.  Those planning to be in the Los Angeles area on  Monday, January 15 can expect to witness the following features at the parade. 

But who says you have to be in L.A.? If you can’t, don’t fret. You can watch it on TV!!

ABC-7 will again broadcast the entire 2-hour parade — LIVE — from 11am to 1pm and here’s what you can expect to see. Continue reading