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All-Women Engineering Team Gets ‘Side-Eye’ for Collapsed Pedestrian Bridge Designed By Them

*Last week Miami suffered a devastating blow as a pedestrian bridge  on Florida International University (FIU) collapsed, killing six people and injuring at least nine others. 

The 950-ton prefabricated bridge spanned 175-feet, and was still under construction at the busy eight-lane street where it was reportedly placed using accelerated construction techniques developed by FIU.

It had  passed a stress test just hours before the collapse last Thursday; crushing cars underneath that waiting for the red light to change.

The South Miami-based firm that designed the ill-fated bridge is getting a lot of heat — probably even more so because it is led by and consists of all women.

But aside from that, and this is truly amazing, Munilla Construction Management (MCM), a Cuban-American, family-owned company founded in 1983 had been sued for faulty work before. 

In fact, last March a construction worker who was severely injured when MCM?s ?makeshift bridge? at Miami?s International Airport collapsed sued them.

You do the math. That’s TWO bridges built by this team that has collapsed. Continue reading