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‘Tips for Jesus’ Makes One Bartender Smile 5K Times! (Watch)

*One bartender in Manhattan just can’t stop grinning. And with clear cause. It was a slow night for Caitlin Cahill, who works as a Bartender at GuYer’s on New York’s upper west side; when two gentlemen entered the bar and would end up staying for two hours.

“It was a really slow, quiet night. Just chatting for a while,” Cahill tells CBS2.

During that time one of the men, Jack Selby, a former Paypal executive,  asked the pretty bartender if she was familiar with the Tips for Jesus (acts of human kindness) movement.

“I said I was,” Cahill responded. Selby said, “That’s me!”

Cahill thought he was joking and went about her business. But later, after processing the check, realized the man had left her a $5,000 tip on a $100 bill. The words “We back” were scrawled on the receipt! Continue reading