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‘Organ Harvesting’…Are Black People Being Killed for Their Organs? Dick Gregory Thought So! (Watch)

“Drive by shootings is organ stealing.” This is how the late, great former comedian-turned social justice and health advocate, Dick Gregory opens the film clip that speaks on “The Reality of Organs Harvesting.” Never one to mince words, he is one of many to present this frightening, sad, horrific yet believable reality; especially as juxtaposed to the mortality rate of Black people — men in particular — in today’s intense social climate. In fact, it brings a lot of “yesterdays” incidents into clearer perspective.

A number of people obviously knowledgeable about my background sent me this video on social media. To this end I’d like to thank BrotherHoward, Joycelyn, Anthony and the others who thought it was important enough to share.

It is.

Many people who have “organ donor” listed on their drivers license did so because they believe it is the right thing to do. The compassionate thing to do. But according to the video (scroll down), this very admission; shown as a pink dot — displayed on your license as “donor” is believed to make you a moving target. Those in the video suggest that instead of having this on your license; where officials such as police officers have access to your information, you put this in your Living Will.

The video promotes the idea that Black peoples’ organs are in high demand, and a brother speaking at the top of the video and throughout lays out a scenario about research being done by someone who has been paid to see which Black folk are registered to donate their organs in the event of their demise.

Here’s where the “target” part comes in. Continue reading