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Shocking! Nationwide Chain, Massage Envy, Being Sued After Male Masseuse Suddenly ‘Licks Woman’s Vagina’

*After reading this I expect most women will have a change of heart when it comes to having their massage done by a male professional. On the other hand who knows, a surge may occur in the request for the male masseuse.

In any event, if you’re like most of us, you’ll find what this so-called professional did reprehensible and beyond shocking. And as if that’s not bad enough, try this: the lawsuit alleges his employer knew about it and covered it up.  

While treating a female client in the Maryland area to a massage  for the nationwide chain, Massage Envy, Habtamu Gebreselassie, 24, suddenly tore off the towel that covered the woman and started performing oral sex on her.


According to the Daily Mail, a lawsuit was filed on Tuesday that accuses Habtamu Gebreselassie of pulling the towel off a client at a DC branch of Massage Envy and licking her vagina ‘without invitation, warning or consent’ before he ‘fell to his knees and apologized.’

The lawsuit also claims that Gebreselassie had previously abused other female patrons of Massage Envy, and that the company had moved him to new locations as a response, rather than firing him.

…and in case you’re wondering, YES, the chain is being sued as well.

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