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Does You Eye ‘Twitch?’ Here’s 8 Reasons Why and What You Can Do About It

*My eye has been twitching for the past couple of days. Maybe even weeks, and its driving me crazy.  Does this ever happen to you? Sure it does. And it comes out of the blue right? You could just be sitting there talking to a friend or colleague, and all of a sudden it happens. Embarrassed, you wonder if they notice it; so you say something like, “Omg. My eye is twitching. Can you see it?”

Why on earth does this happen and what can we do to stop it? 

Research shows that eye twitching can be triggered by a variety of things. None of which you want to hear only because you probably feel they are things that are not so easy to change. But if you want that irritating tic to stop, you have to ask yourself, how bad?

Fortunately, most times this tic is benign, meaning its not medically serious.

Here are some of the triggers.

Lack of sleep/Weariness.

You’re probably tired, and being tired can cause stress; so you can’t sleep. At least not deeply, or long enough. You’ve got to change this dude. I know there is no fast-fix otherwise I’d of done it by now. But I am going to take baby steps and you should too, based on your lifestyle. Continue reading

Prison Inmates Saved This Guards Life During Massive Heart Attack, Today He is ‘Thankful’ to Them

Gary Grimm “gets emotional” when he thinks back to the day inmates saved his life.

*The eight men sitting behind bars across from a Texas jail guard during what turned out to be a massive heart attack two years ago thought he was joking at first. When they realized he wasn’t, they didn’t start plotting an escape, or try to take advantage of the opportunity,instead, they started shouting and banging the cell?s siding and they were eventually able to break free and catch the attention of others who were able to help, according to the news outlet, WHAS11.

?I just slumped and went out,? Gary Grimm told WHAS11 about what he remembers from the day it happened on June 23, 2016. ?Next thing I remember is looking up at the ceiling in the ER.?

If you’re thinking what I’m thinking, that dude is one lucky son of a so-N-so, the thought has not escaped Mr. Grimm, who retired last December.

?Instead of overtaking me and taking my gun, and killing me or taking a hostage and escaping, they looked at me as a human being,? Grimm told the news outlet, adding that he?s always treated the inmates the way he would want to be treated if he was in their shoes. Continue reading

10 Questions You’re Probably Afraid to Ask Your Doctor (But Should)

*Let’s just keep it real here, OK? You have to be darn near dead to even step foot in a doctors office, right? Black folk just don’t do doctors unless we absolutely have to.


Personally, I changed that habit about a year ago. Just ask my insurance company. The new ME will feel an ache somewhere that I’ve never felt one before and I’ll be a walk-in at my doctors office…that day!

But even with that, I am still a bit shy to ask certain questions. Even shier if the doctor is handsome. I’ll bet I’m not alone in that. I won’t subscribe to the T.M.I. strategy today, and reveal the question I asked my nurse practitioner yesterday; But I WILL say it was a step up from the shyness this patient had in the past.

I decided to share 10 questions you’re probably afraid to ask your doctor as a result of my brainstorm in deciding what you might to hear today. I’d appreciate it if you’d respond by adding to the list in the ThisNthat comments section. What questions are YOU afraid to ask your doctor? Continue reading

Shocking! Nationwide Chain, Massage Envy, Being Sued After Male Masseuse Suddenly ‘Licks Woman’s Vagina’

*After reading this I expect most women will have a change of heart when it comes to having their massage done by a male professional. On the other hand who knows, a surge may occur in the request for the male masseuse.

In any event, if you’re like most of us, you’ll find what this so-called professional did reprehensible and beyond shocking. And as if that’s not bad enough, try this: the lawsuit alleges his employer knew about it and covered it up.  

While treating a female client in the Maryland area to a massage  for the nationwide chain, Massage Envy, Habtamu Gebreselassie, 24, suddenly tore off the towel that covered the woman and started performing oral sex on her.


According to the Daily Mail, a lawsuit was filed on Tuesday that accuses Habtamu Gebreselassie of pulling the towel off a client at a DC branch of Massage Envy and licking her vagina ‘without invitation, warning or consent’ before he ‘fell to his knees and apologized.’

The lawsuit also claims that Gebreselassie had previously abused other female patrons of Massage Envy, and that the company had moved him to new locations as a response, rather than firing him.

…and in case you’re wondering, YES, the chain is being sued as well.

Continue reading

What!? I Can Get Rid of This ‘Tire Around My Tummy’ Without Exercise or Diet? (Watch)

*Hear ye! Hear ye! There is a woman who was once skeptical about body contouring; but now, after getting it done first hand, swears by it. No more tire around the tummy. No more arms that wave when you do. No more bulk on the thighs.

And because of BET FB Live, well, a recording of it, we can watch the whole procedure.

Sculpt away, I say!

So this woman, what’s her name again? I don’t know and it doesn’t matter, got to ask Dr.  Arash Akhavan at the Dermatology & Laser Group, and a leader in his field, many of the questions we have wondered about when it comes to this new type of non-invasive surgery. With that, she offers “Everything you need to know about body sculpting.”

According to Dr. Akhavan, who is based in New York City: 

?Basically everything over the last, I would say, five years, has been moving toward non-invasive stuff such as body contouring and away from liposuction. With liposuction you?re taking weeks off, and it?s taking months to see any sort of benefits, and then there?s the risk of surgery, scarring and all of that. With the non-invasive things, you do the procedure, there?s no anesthesia, there?s no cuts on your skin and the results usually come in within a couple of months,” Dr. Akhavan said. 

So in the video we see him applying the laser to the “problem area” the woman has designated for target. He has already explained to her that she won’t feel any “excruciating pain” but she will have, throughout the 25-minute-procedure, warm sensations that may be a bit uncomfortable; followed by a cooling sensation. Continue reading

Workshops for Educators, Indie Films, and More at Upcoming ‘Long Beach Indie’ Festival

Long Beach, CA — Named one of FilmFreeway?s Top 100 best reviewed film festivals, Long Beach Indie International Film, Media & Music Festival returns to Long Beach Wed., Aug. 30 – Sun., Sept. 3, delivering five days of screenings, plus workshops for educators, students, entertainment industry professionals, and more.

 Founded by Dr. Daniel Walker in 2014, the festival celebrates diverse content and creators.

“I created Long Beach Indie because I wanted to bring true diversity to every facet of the media and entertainment ecosystem. ?It’s about more than just names on the closing credits and recognition during awards season. It’s about economic empowerment, self definition, and using the power of media and entertainment to shape the perceptions that individuals and systems have of women and people of color. “Dr. Daniel Walker, Founder, Long Beach Indie

 The event produced and hosted by Perfect Works and BLU Educational Foundation fosters international dialogue between scholars and the entertainment industry, and bridges the gap between urban communities and careers in arts, entertainment, fashion and digital media via distinct conference and expo clusters. Continue reading

ER Rooms Report Marijuana-Related Illness is Spiking Visits (Especially in Legalized States)


*I knew it was only a matter of time for SOME ILLNESS to come about as a result of heavy pot smoking — exacerbated by the fact that its now legal in several states. Of course it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that heavy pot users have been shown to have memory issues (and some have even become downright delusional, but that’s another story). Honestly, I don’t know if I stand 100 with the new ruling in California, whose pass came about last November. Blame it on the fact that I see way too much marijuana smoke being blown out of passing car windows; or even the fact that the guy who backed up off the freeway ramp, into my brand new car, reeked of it.

Medical marijuana is legitimate. It continues to be of great significance in alleviating debilitating pain; and even offers undeniable results where some children’s illnesses are concerned.

But just allowing any damn body to smoke weed. Out loud. Not so much.

Anyway, according to emergency room doctors, a lot of folks are flooding the ER rooms with illnesses related to severe pot smoking. Continue reading