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Did You Know Some Restaurants Give You ‘Free Food’ on Your Birthday? (Here’s 25 of ‘Em!)

*Wow! Who knew you could do nothing but eat all day long on your birthday…for free?

Yep! The list for free food at certain restaurants on your special day has grown, and what an assortment of foods.

You can have breakfast at Denny’s or iHop; lunch at Baja Fresh or Jersey Mikes, and dinner at Chili’s or Red Robbin! There’s an assortment of places for dessert; or you can just drink coffee all day at a variety of shops including Starbucks.

I’m delirious just thinking about it (but mad at the same time because its too late for me…my birthday has passed).

Here’s 25 restaurants that gives Free Food on Your Birthday (of course there’s something you’ll have to do first. But its a small thing. Continue reading