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Michael, Prince and the Pain Behind Being ‘Effin Great’ (Videos)

*(UPDATED) In their 1969 hit,  Everybody Is a Star, Sly & The Family Stone hits on a good point in the lyric Everybody wants to shine. Who will come out to a cloudy day?” A beautiful, beautiful song with deep lyrics that showcase the distinct voices of Rose Stone*, and fellow group members Freddie Stone, Larry Graham and finally, Sly Stone, in succession. But the beautiful lyrics are sad today. They cause me to think of two exceptional artists in particular. Two men who really, truly, have no equals…at least to date.

Two men: Michael Jackson and Prince, exemplified the high cost of being Effin’ Great!

I came across two videos you may or may not have seen. One with Sheila E. talking about her time working with Prince and how he was “always in pain” — a heartbreaking admission especially since we now know his cause of death.  In another video, a cantankerous Dick Gregory blasts a journalist who blurts out an assumption that Michael Jackson was never satisfied with the money.

At times the interviews are hard to watch. Then again, the truth is sometimes hard to hear.

“No one wants to talk about that. You guys don’t need to know. You don’t need to know that we hurt everyday.” –Sheila E.

Sheila E. and Prince, both prolific artists, they worked together for years…and have the scars to prove it!

Sheila’s emotional interview shares how she also endures a lot of pain due to her years to work as a percussionist.  She says she was physically unable to walk for a time and had to take time away from doing what she loved to get her head together.

Surely you remember all those awesome dance moves Michael showed us; and Prince jumping up on pianos and shit, is it any surprise at all they popped pills?

They made it look so easy, but look at the price they paid.

The cost…No wonder there is so few members in the effin’ great club.

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