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Beware! Recall on Dog Food with Euthanasia Ingredient Found Inside Evanger’s ‘Hunk of Beef’ (Watch)

evangers dog food

*The Wheeling, Illinois-based Evanger’s Pet Food Company is devastated and have recalled one lot of the dog food that they learned has made several dogs ill and fatally wounded another.

This is the first time something like this has happened in the company’s 82-year history.

The company found that the dogs had began getting ill on New Year’s Eve, and started a four-week investigation, sending samples of the food they had eaten to an independent lab “to test for any toxin or bacteria we could possibly imagine. All of those tests came back negative,” they said.

It wasn’t until the end of January that the company heard the term,?’pentobarbital.’ The drug is used to anesthetize and euthanize (mercy kill) animals.

How in the HELL can something like this end up in dog food…by accident? Continue reading