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‘It Has Nothing to Do With Race’ Says White Woman Who Called Cops on Black Family Barbecue in Public Park (Watch)

*With 1,120,706 views to date, a video of a white woman so incensed by the act of Black folks having a BBQ at Lake Merritt in Oakland that she spent 2 hours on the phone with the police proves a lot of people are shaking their damn head too.

The video, there are several — but this one rests at nearly 25 minutes, takes us into the demented brain of a woman who obviously needs something more to do with her life. In a rant based on her belief that “no charcoal grilling is allowed in the park,” it is her adamant stance on same that goes so far as to not only call the police on the folks who are grilling and minding their own business; but she actually takes up the time of whoever is on the other end of the line listening to her disoriented babbling… that slowly grows to near hysteria as time goes on.

As you will see, this gives a whole new look to a sense of entitlement and of course, when questioned, she says it “has nothing to do with race.”

How tired of this response to #livingwhileblack behavior are we, again?

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