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Illinois Bill to Add LGBT Courses to Public School Curriculum Met With Criticism (and Support)

*A new Bill that will incorporate LGBT courses into the public school curriculum is pending in the state of Illinois. If the Bill passes, public schools will add a gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender section to history courses, according to the Chicago Tribune.

In addition, schools will be required to use textbooks that portray the LGBT community as being part of a diverse society.

According to the report, those opposing the Bill are doing so only because they believe such decisions should be made at a local, not state, level.  And its no surprise that gay and transgender rights advocates are hoping the measure will pass.

Their argument?

The state has similar requirements for teaching the history of blacks and other groups. And it would provide a platform for stories about members of the LGBT community that often go untold. Continue reading

Study in China! Student Educational Tour Info Comes to L. A.’s Crenshaw Mall

*Studying abroad continues to be an intriguing idea for many. It’s an excellent opportunity to learn about different cultures, speak other languages and broaden perspectives overall. Unfortunately, the opportunity has not been one that many African American and other minority youth have experienced.

According to China’s education ministry, 21,975 American students studied in China in 2015.

Note the number is for “American,” we don’t how many African Americans are included. Before I get to the opportunity to change that (scroll down), let’s get some perspective from two African American students who have gone through the experience. Jeffrey Wood, now 25, is an African American Student and resident of Washington, D. C. and Destin Tucker, the 18-year-old son of actor-comedian-humanitarian, Chris Tucker, who recently moved to Atlanta to attend Morehouse College.

Jeffrey Wood, credit: NPR

Wood initially saw a 12-hour flight, six weeks away from home, and the difficult characters of the Mandarin Chinese language as daunting obstacles. But he didn’t let that stop him and decided to take the trip for the opportunity to travel.

He ended up loving the experience for both its travel and content, and has traveled to China twice. Continue reading

Texas School Forces Kid to Alter Neat And Cool Haircut (Watch)

sixth grade participation

*Oh me! Pick me! I know the answer! This should be the atmosphere in a sixth grade classroom. Children raising their hands in anticipation of having the right answer. But apparently, I’m living in a dream world. Sometimes it seems people hired to educate our children get it twisted. We send our kids to school to learn reading, writing, and arithmetic basically; and we’d appreciate if they through some history in there — as long as its not re-created.

Yet one school in Texas seems to be getting their shorts in a knot based on a sixth-grade boy’s haircut. They actually threatened to give the kid an in-school suspension if the cut goes unaltered.

What the heck? What kind of cut is this that’s causing such a stir you ask?

This one. Continue reading