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Caught! Iowa Man Who Rigged Lottery Six Times in Five Different States Readies Himself for Prison

Eddie Tipton

*Dang, all that money and where you’re going, its no good. Nah, not straight to hell, worse, prison. While the rest of us stick to buying lottery scratchers or powerball tickets, and continue to win a few dollars here and there or nothing at all, I know of one man who wishes he were us right now. 

A computer programmer named Eddie Tipton, 54, would probably give anything — even two million dollars — to switch places with you. But no such luck, homeboy is headed to prison. In June, Tipton admitted to masterminding a multi-state lottery-rigging scheme where he picked winning numbers and raked in $2 million.

?The depth of his deceit is dumbfounding,? said Iowa Assistant Attorney General Rob Sand in court filings that seek a 25-year term.

In the paperwork he stated, ?Such crimes cannot be answered without a prison sentence.? Continue reading