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U. S. Based Veterinarian (from Spain) Indicted for Use of Puppies in Drug Transport

This 2005 photo provided by U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration officials shows puppies rescued from a farm in Colombia destined for use by a U.S. veterinarian working for a Colombian drug trafficking ring.


*No doubt your president will be tweeting about this, and taking credit for the conclusion. A U. S. veterinarian has been indicted after he was accused of surgically inserting bags of liquid heroin into the stomachs of little puppies. 

Andres Lopez Elorza was arraigned in Brooklyn Federal Court on Tuesday, one day after he was extradited from Spain. In an attempt to evade detection, Elorza, 38, and his team of drug lords, used small dogs and humans to transport drugs from Colombia to the United States.

Authorities said once the animals arrived, the drugs were removed. Continue reading