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An ‘Alternative’ to Burials? Bodies Are Being ‘Chemically Disposed’

*Oh boy. Generally, all of this scientific looking stuff intimidates me. And the article I got this info from is in that category. But the gist of it is that a new way of disposing of dead bodies has been discovered, and they say its “cleaner.”

We already know about the traditional route. Place the body in the casket and lower it into the ground. Then there is cremation, must I? Thank you. Now there is…well, I don’t exactly know what they’re calling it so let’s explore, shall we?

You remember the old TV show the Twilight Zone? Well, let’s go there for a moment.

Apparently, there is something rather experimental going on at UCLA. The Donated Body Program, under the direction of Dean Fisher at the UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine, disposes of dead bodies that are first dissected, then wheeled into an alkaline hydrolysis machine that turns them into liquid and pure white bone.

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Gurney Carrying Deceased Falls From Coroner’s Van Into Traffic…But Don’t Worry, Body Suffered ‘No Trauma’

*Imagine you’re dead. OK wait, I started that wrong, imagine you’re driving along, and you’ve swerved the hell out of the van in front of you, trying to get by. The guy driving obviously has some kind of attitude because how could he NOT see you trying to get by? Meanwhile, both lanes to your right and left are bumper to bumper traffic. 

What to do? What to do? Now you’re in hater-mode!

But wait! Instant karma has struck that dumb piece of sh*t in front of you because his back door has flung open. Hahahaha! 

Uh oh… What’s that?

Is that a dead BODY!???

You’re darn skippy it is. And that big white van belongs to the coroner’s office.

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Drive-Thru Services for the Bereaved, Hmm…This Funeral Homes Gives it a Go! (Watch)


*Not to judge, but I guess you can justify just about?anything.?Who knew one day there would be computers? Cellphones? Drive-thru funeral services?

***Insert sound of screeching car brakes here***

Yes. You read that correctly. Please know that I am attempting to present this to you using my game face (though something inside of me wants to bust out laughing). My apologies in advance for any offense that may cause?somebody.?But a funeral home in Memphis is giving this new concept a go.

And who am I to think that’s funny?

The R. Bernard Funeral Home is housed in a building that was formerly a bank, and for some ungodly reason, they feel they absolutely must use the drive-thru window. For what for, you ask?

Ah! Here’s something: As a way for people to view their recently departed…without getting out of the car.

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