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Texas Restaurant Says Huh? ‘Coon Chicken Inn’ Sign Ain’t ‘Racist’

*This sounds like a pay no attention to the man behind the curtain move.  Y’all say what the phuck you want. We’re suppose to ignore the message behind it. 

The restaurant, called Cook’s Garage, located in Lubbock, Texas,  does recognize one truth though: they say the sign hanging on their establishment featuring a man in Blackface grinning, with the words “Coon Chicken Inn” on his teeth is “a part of history.”

It is.

The same history Donald Trump just said on live TV, “we should be proud of.”

You are.

The sign has made the rounds on social media with many calling it ?racist? and ?infuriating.? And its doubtful everyone claiming this is Black.

I doubt everyone who lacks melanin is “proud” of this history. Continue reading