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What in the H*ll is Going On at FDNY? Now An Off-Duty EMT Worker Has Been Accused of Raping, Choking 10-Year-Old Girl?

*News like this will have you wondering what kind of freaks are being interviewed, vetted, and cleared as OK to work for the FDNY.

Only yesterday, EURThisNthat reported that a firefighter from FDNY who was arrested after being caught at work watching child porn! Today we learn about an off duty FDNY, EMT employee that has been accused of choking and raping a 10-year-old girl?

What in the absolute f*ck is going on here? What kind of vetting process said these sick a**holes were OK to hire?

According to reports, the girl was asleep in her home when 25-year-old Queens resident Frantz Petion, said to be a friend of the family, assaulted her. The little girl reported the attack and the perpetrator was arrested for rape, strangulation, and child endangerment charges.

But his family claims its a lie. His mother believes he is a victim of jealous colleagues who don’t want him to get ahead. Continue reading

New York Firefighter Busted! Caught at Work Viewing Child Pornography

*According to court records, a FDNY firefighter has been arrested after he was caught viewing child pornography inside the firehouse.

No time was wasted. Michael Chojnaki, 53, was arraigned in a Queens, New York courthouse on March 5, the same day he was found out, and charged with six felony counts of promoting the sexual performance of a child, along with six counts of being in possession of a sexual performance by a child. 

Police say that Chojnaki’s arrest was the result of an ongoing investigation by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children and the NYPD Computer Crimes Squad betwen 2016 and 2017. During this time frame, Chojnaki went online to view the foul images on four different occasions. Police were alerted each time by a cyber tip submitted via an online service where the explicit images were uploaded. Continue reading

Tenn. Mother Claims Son, 10, Killed Himself After She Beat, Choked Him (Watch)

Jaheim McKinzie, 10

*Jaheim McKinzie got so angry after his mom beat and choked him that he ran into the kitchen, grabbed a knife, and stabbed himself in the chest.

An hour later, at the hospital, he would be dead.

That is the story the boy’s mother, Robin McKinzie, told police when they arrived at her apartment on Shady Vista to find the boy alive, but unresponsive.

McKinzie admitted to police that she had beaten and even choked the boy as a form of punishment before he took a knife to himself. 

The child, a 4th grader at Cornerstone Denver Prep., was apparently very well-liked in the community and neighbors are said to be in total disbelief about the news. Continue reading

School Takes Liberty to Shave Head of Bi-Racial Girl So “Hair Will Grow Back Straight”

*The nerve! Daycare providers at Little Heroes Group Home in Connecticut decided THEY wanted the hair of a little bi-racial girl to grow back “straight” so they shaved her head…

…without her parents consent.

When Denise Robinson, the 7-year-old girls’ mother, told the school that she was unhappy about their action the excuse became “hygienic.” Continue reading

Grandma Sent to Jail for LIFE After Terrorizing Granddaughter for Years!

witch grandma

*An Oklahoma woman has been given three life sentences after being convicted of child abuse. According to PEOPLE, 51 year old Geneva Robinson did horrible deeds to her own granddaughter; like forcing the 7-year-old girl to sleep outside with her dogs, pulling her out of school and then starving her, and painting her skin green and donning a witches costume — including big, black hat — and scaring the poor child.

All of this while holding her by the throat and dragging her across the floor.

Though PEOPLE declined to publish some of what we can only guess are horrific photos (which the courts ceased from the bitch’s, er, witch’s cellphone) they did release the one below. Continue reading