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‘It’s God’s Purpose’ Says Florida Grandma Who Spends Weekends Making 75,000 Dinners for the Homeless

*I swear, you’ve got to bow down to anyone with this much heart and compassion. And we’re not talking about some little old lady, retired and lonely with nothing else to do. No, granny Gloria Lewis, 54, still works as a waitress; but instead of spending her off time and weekends doing yoga, and hanging out with cats, she hunkers down and gets to work making 225 fresh dinners and 180 breakfasts on a two-stove, four-fridge kitchen.

Lewis lived on the brink of homelessness in her low-income job and  moved to the US from Barbados in 1987. Each weekend, she and her husband, who works as a mechanic, spend $700 on groceries to make meals that include chicken Parmesan, spaghetti and meatballs, barbecue chicken and ribs, along with fresh veggies and rice to help those on the street. dozens of home-cooked meals for those in need. Continue reading