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Denver Postal Worker Caught After She Faked Cancer for Two Years (And Got Paid ‘Sick Leave’)

Boyle and an unidentified male, presumably her lawyer, who, by the way, had “no comment.”

*How utterly sickening. So,so many of our family and friends suffer with or are survivors of lymphoma or some other cancer. It’s more than a damn shame that someone would fake the condition, just to get off work. 

But someone did and now she has been found out.

In 2015, Caroline Boyle shared with her colleagues that her immune system had been compromised by cancer; which had attacked and ravaged her white blood cells. She told everyone that she was too weak to come into the office and showed them “scribbled notes from her doctor,” according to an MSN.com report.

But Boyle’s story was discovered to be a big lie. One clue turned out to be the doctor’s misspelled name. Continue reading

Abortions Linked to Breast Cancer in African American Women New Study Claims


*#ihatecancer…and I know you do too! I seriously doubt if there is a person among us who isn’t, hasn’t or won’t know someone, lose someone or be someone affected by this terrible, terrible dis-ease. But the more we know about it, the better we can fight it, right?   According to new statistics, a study now determines that Breast cancer in Black women may stem from an escalated number of abortions. Two decades ago these women were behind Caucasian women in their likelihood of being diagnosed with the disease, today the numbers are reversed, with Black women leading at a percentage of 70%.

Last year, a study by Public Health England and Cancer Research UK also revealed that Black Women were more likely to develop cancer in its late stages positing that study findings showed 22 percent of black Caribbean females and 25 percent of black African women had 3rd and 4th stage breast cancer. This is comparison to 13-percent of British white women. Continue reading