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Brooklyn Principal Suspends Teacher’s Aide…You’ll Never Guess What For!

Marie Desforges, Principal (according to NY Post)

*Oh god. Who hired this woman to lead a school?

One of the first requirements for being a school principal is to have a superior sense of judgement isn’t it? After all, a principal is responsible for an entire staff of educators and their students for goodness sake.

Enter one Marie Desforges, the principal at P. S. 328 in Brooklyn. She somehow saw fit to suspend Edsheda Brown, a teacher’s aide, for “professional misconduct” and informed her of the news via a disciplinary..

What did the teacher’s aide do to deserve this, you ask?

Wait for it…

She “yawned” too loud.

In the letter to Brown, Desforges wrote…

?You yawned loud enough for me to hear you while I was walking down the hallway? outside a staff meeting.

It’s times like this that you find yourself thinking, “Please don’t let her be Black.”

Sorry to burst your thought bubble: she is!

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