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Birmingham Photographer Captures Breathtaking Photo Series of ‘Chocolate Mamas’ Nursing their Babies

Photo by Lakisha Cotill, H&C, Inc.

*In a unique and beautiful display of Black motherhood, a photo series showcasing mothers breastfeeding their babies aims to raise awareness and support for women of color who nurse their babies. It may be hard to believe, but there is still a societal stigma behind a woman breastfeeding her infant in a public place such as a restaurant. 

The idea came from Angela Warren, a mother and member of the Facebook group Chocolate Milk Mommies of Birmingham. Warren staged women in a variety of outdoor environments, nursing their babies and local photographer and founder of the nonprofit H&C, Inc. Lakisha Cohill captured the women in the photos we see.

In an interview with POPSUGAR, Warren said…

“Being a part of this movement has been life-changing. I didn’t breastfeed due to lack of knowledge and support. These amazing women have convinced me why it’s so important to nurse your children naturally and have created a community specifically to give knowledge and support to moms who breastfeed,” Cohill said. “Each of these women represents a [rewritten] chapter of the story of our history. For as long as I can remember, women (particularly women of color) have been given a script on what they should or shouldn’t be doing, so we decided to drop the original script and create our stories based off who we are [and] not who we’re told to be.”  

According to POPSUGAR, the group’s end goal is to normalize breastfeeding and make a woman’s choice to decide how she feeds her baby a bigger part of the conversation. Continue reading

Abortions Linked to Breast Cancer in African American Women New Study Claims


*#ihatecancer…and I know you do too! I seriously doubt if there is a person among us who isn’t, hasn’t or won’t know someone, lose someone or be someone affected by this terrible, terrible dis-ease. But the more we know about it, the better we can fight it, right?   According to new statistics, a study now determines that Breast cancer in Black women may stem from an escalated number of abortions. Two decades ago these women were behind Caucasian women in their likelihood of being diagnosed with the disease, today the numbers are reversed, with Black women leading at a percentage of 70%.

Last year, a study by Public Health England and Cancer Research UK also revealed that Black Women were more likely to develop cancer in its late stages positing that study findings showed 22 percent of black Caribbean females and 25 percent of black African women had 3rd and 4th stage breast cancer. This is comparison to 13-percent of British white women. Continue reading