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Black Don’t Crack: The Stereotype and the Science Behind It (WATCH)

black don't crack (mom & daughters)

*You?ve seen it in your family. You?ve seen it in celebrities like Pharrell Williams, Gabrielle Union and Idris Elba. You?ve seen it in that one photo on Twitter of the mother with her two daughters all looking the same age.

It?s quite evident that there is some truth to the quotable “Black Don?t Crack” adage. How about we take a scientific look at this? What?s the science behind us Black folks doing so well in the aging department? How can we do better?

The truth is we are melanin kings and queens. Melanin, for those not in the know, is a naturally occurring pigment in the skin that acts like sunscreen.

Damage to the skin caused by the harmful rays of the sun is the main reason why signs of aging occur. The kind of melanin found in Black folks is called eumelanin; the more we have of it, the more UV protection we get.

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