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Interview With A 5-Month-Old Will Have You Rollin’ (Watch)

New dad, LaGuardia Cross, with his star child, Nayely

*All he wanted was to be called by his proper name: “Da-da,” but apparently, though his 5-month-old girl is very well spoken, “Ma-ma” is the only name she will say.

So what’s a dad to do?

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OMG! This ‘Newborn’ Appears to Walk…And She Just Came Out of the Womb (Watch)

*Look, a new baby is in our household as of six-weeks ago, and as strong as I can see that she is — there is no way I could even imagine her walking, or stepping, or whatever the infant in the  video below is doing.

In a video believed to be shot at Santa Cruz Hospital in Rio Grande do Sul, southern Brazil, doctors were apparently attempting to bathe a newborn when she decided, nuh-uh, I’ve had enough of this already and began to wriggle her way out of their arms to stand up…

…and walk.

I know. I know. The nurses said we wouldn’t believe it, so whoever shot this video (scroll down) knew what they were doing. Continue reading