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Terrified 9-Year-Old Calls 911 on ‘Drunk Driving Dad’ (Listen)


*A 9-year-old girl in the car with her drunken father begged him to pull over as she was on the phone with a 911 dispatcher. Man, can I relate to this one! All I will say right here is it takes me back to my own childhood, and makes me remember to appreciate and always show gratitude for the fact that I am still here.

?Hello, is this 911? ? The only person that?s here is my dad and he?s drunk,? the girl, whose younger sister was also in the car, told the police dispatcher during a 17-minute call on Sunday. ?Help me, please! Help me!?

The harrowing incident occurred in late January according to the New York Post; while the father, identified as 36-year-old Wesley Charles Burgner, was traveling from Atlanta to the home of his parents in St. Simons, according to reports by?Fox8.com.

?I don?t know where we?re going. He?s driving really fast,? the frightened child told the dispatcher. ?I think I?m going to get into a wreck.? Continue reading