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Mistrial Declared for the Third Time: White Ex-cop Fatally Wounds Daughters Black Boyfriend, Jurors Deadlocked

Shannon Kepler and his attorney Richard O’Carroll (R) leave courthouse following mistrial decision.*A judge has once again shocked prosecutors and family members of 19-year-old Jeremy Lake, who lost his life at the hands a white Oklahoma ex-cop — whose daughter he had just started dating.

Even the photo above, showing Shannon Kepler’s attorney hugging all over him, looks odd. I’ve never had an attorney show me so much love. Have you?

But I digress.

Kepler shot the teen as the boy was, according to his aunt, reaching to introduce himself and shake the cop’s hand. Kepler claims the shooting was in self-defense; saying Lake was armed. But the police found no weapon on Lake nor anywhere at the scene.

Sound familiar? Here we go again.

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‘Good Behavior’ of Five Kids in Public Prompts Beautiful Reaction From Stranger

*This beautiful experience by Nina Montalvo Carr brought tears to eyes. Happy tears! And it will do the same for you. I know we just celebrated Father’s Day, but this story shares the experience of a family with five children; and the mother who takes care of them all alone while their Marines active dad, who she credits as a great role model for them, is away.

Carr decides to surprise her children one day and takes them out to eat, but in the end it was her that got the greatest surprise of all.

The story has already received 14K likes on Facebook, has 1K comments and has been shared more than 1.7K times. 

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