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These Doggies ‘Work’ at Amazon: All 6,000 of ‘Em and Get Perks, Too! (Look-it!)

Amazon is giving us a 15-minute break so were taking a walk!

*Go ahead, admit it. The fact that Amazon, the giant retailer that appears to be aiming for world takeover, employs dogs is news to you, right? It’s news to me, too.

Good news. Because in case you didn’t know it, I love dogs and now, I love Amazon even more.

Why? Because of them, doggies don’t have to be depressed because they are at home, alone, for 8 hours while their human is at work. In Seattle, according to the Amazon blog, humans share their work space with at least 6,000 dogs every day.

If you don’t just love this idea, something is wrong with you!

If I could take our dogs — Pebbles (Pit-Rhodesian Ridge-back mix) and Bam Bam (Pit-American Stafford mix) to work with me each day they’d be over the moon happy!

“Pebbles” left) and “Bam-Bam” (right) belong to EURweb writer, DeBorah B. Pryor. Photo credit and courtesy use: DeBorah B. Pryor


And the Amazon staff owe this particular perk to a four-legged dude named Rufus. In the early days of the company the dog was brought to the office by a husband and wife team, and the employees fell in love with the dog.

And Rufus quickly proved himself useful in the office, allowing humans to help him click on some of the website links. The dog has since passed away, but he definitely reached iconic status.

Amazon states that there are photos of Rufus around the 8.1 million square foot campus and he even has a building named after him.

 According to CNBC, Rufus made such an impact that if you click a broken link and land on an error page, his picture comes up, along with three other dogs that followed in his “paw” steps, says Amazon: Lucy the Labrador, Sherriff the golden-Aussie mix and Martini the papillon.
As for those perks previously mentioned, I didn’t forget.

Amazon installed a doggie deck for pets to run around on the 17th floor. And what would pee-time be like with a fire hydrant? Doggie won’t have to know because Amazon had a fake fire hydrant put in. There is also dog relief areas and water stations. Additionally, the company offers a leash-free dog park where pups can play on rocks and other structures.

Amazon is giving us a 15-minute break so were taking a walk!

And get this: on Halloween there’s an event called Barktoberfest, and the pups get to dress up, along with their human. Costumes are said to range from John Snow to unicorns.

Now, everyone in the corporate world has a supervisor right? So no doubt you’re wondering who the dogs report to at the office. That person is none other than Lara Hirschfield, Amazon’s “Woof Pack” Manager.

“Dogs in the workplace is an unexpected mechanism for connection,” says Hirschfield. “I see Amazonians meeting each other in our lobbies or elevators every day because of their dogs.”

See? She gets it! I love this. I hope it spreads to other offices; even if its just for a day!

Watch these employee dogs at work (and play) below.



Watch: Party Animal! Miami Nightclub Shut Down After Woman Comes In On (Wait for it!) A Horse!

Woman enter Moki Lounge on the back of a horse!

*Woohoo! Partaay! A party animal in the truest sense of the word happened upon a Miami nightclub last week!  But the City of Miami was not amused, and as a result, Moki Lounge was shut down on Friday after video surfaced on the Internet showing a woman riding into the nightclub on the back of a horse…

…wearing a G-string!

Of course the party-goers had no problem with this. They went nuts. The crowd cheered them on, clinking their glasses and raising them high as they danced in the charged, dimly lit atmosphere.

Everything was going well, until the horse took a fall. Continue reading

Dog Food Salmonella Scare! These Four Products May Be a Danger to Your Pooch and You!

*Over the past five days, four pet food companies have voluntarily recalled some of their products due to concerns that they may be contaminated with Salmonella.

The potential contamination is said to not only affect animals that have consumed the food, but also the humans that handle it.

Both humans and animals show the same symptoms when infected with Salmonella: feeling lethargic, fever, body aches, nausea, vomiting, abdominal cramping and diarrhea.

The companies involved in the recall of certain products are Smokehouse Pet Products, Darwins Dog Food, Red Barn Pet Products and Raw Paws Pet Food.

According to the FDA, two people have picked up salmonella from the Raw Paws product shown below. Continue reading

Woman Imprisoned for Life in Murder of Husband After Parrot Repeated: ‘Don’t F***ing Shoot!’ (Watch)

*While no human may have been in the vicinity when this woman did her dirty deed, apparently she didn’t check for the bird. Police and family members believe the words repeated by, Bud, a 19-year-old African Grey Parrot, may have been the last words spoken by Martin Durham, the husband of a Michigan woman named Glenna Durham, who has been sentenced to life in prison for his murder.

Glenna Durham was found guilty of shooting her husband five times in May of 2015 after the couples’ pet parrot spoke words that may have helped seal the deal.

The bird was heard saying, “Don’t [expletive] shoot!” and the authorities believe these were the last words the husband said before the fatal shots were fired by his wife. Continue reading

This Jack Russell Terrier Didn’t Win the Prize, But Got All the Attention (Watch!)


*Animals. You’ve gotta love ’em. I ran across a video where dogs were doing some sort of competition. One dog, a Jack Russell Terrier named “Olly” obviously didn’t get the memo that this is a competition and decided to do his own thing.

What a hoot! The poor trainer, or guider, or whatever you call the person eventually just gave up.

But it was the hysterical Face-plant (you’ll understand after watching the video below) and what followed that will have you rolling.

The only thing funnier than the little dog himself, is the British narrator.  Continue reading

This French Bulldog Vocalizes His Joy About Full Body Massage (Watch)

French bulldog

*By now you may have guessed, I’m quite the animal lover. We have two Pitt-Bull mixes, a male and female, who were rescued from Linda Blair’s shelter. Yes,?that?Linda Blair.

I regularly give our doggies massages, and they adore me for it. But they now become quite spoiled and?expect?it. Even as I have become more lazy about giving it.

So I got a real kick out of watching this French bulldog on the massage table. There is no doubt he is totally enjoying the treat.

I’ve even put words to it. Continue reading

Wish You Were ‘This Doggie’ Right Now? You’re Gonna Love This! (Watch)


*Let’s start your week off with a feel-good video. Aww, c’mon, I know you’ve probably just finished lunch and have to go back to the office, but don’t hate, congratulate! This is one very happy doggie.

Actually, on your next break, take a look at the video and play a little game with me called, “I wonder what this doggie would say if he could talk?”

I’ll start. Continue reading

‘I Love You More’ Croc Best Buddies with Fisherman Who Helped Him (Pictures)

Poncho kisses the man who helped heal him
Poncho kisses the man who helped heal him

*Just in case you think you might be seeing things as you look at the photo above. You kind of are. You are seeing a crocodile named ‘Poncho’ kissing a man named Chito Shedden, a fisherman who saw him injured and alone, and rounded up a group of brave friends to lift the croc and take him to safety.

The reptile reportedly lay dying on a river bank in Siquirres, Costa Rica when the fisherman spotted him. Snedden, a tour guide by trade, kind of fancies himself as an amateur naturalist and as such has learned a few things.

Obviously, how to wrangle in a crocodile without being eaten alive is one! Continue reading