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Africa Development Bank blacklists Chinese company building Kenyan power project


Kenyans in rural areas and a port city region who expected to get electricity next year might be disappointed.

The African Development Bank Group suspended the China-based Sinotec company for three years for fraud — a move that will likely delay the second phase of a $150 million electricity project, which was targeted for completion in 2021.

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Elizabeth Yaba?s Book Boldly Tells Her True Story of Female Circumcision

Los Angeles ? Elizabeth Yaba’s book ?Kajeemah, Female Circumcision, My True Story? tells her story about growing up in a village called Sukudu, located in a remote part of Sierra Leone, where female teenagers are circumcised at 15 years old (a tribal custom of cutting the female clitoris). Sukudu is headquarters to all witchcraft activities.

Yaba takes the reader inside her tribe, as she describes the brutal process of female circumcision and shares, in detail, the process of this secret society of becoming a Bondo Girl.

The word ?Kajeemah? is a word from Yaba?s hometown language, Kono. It means, ?My head is full, I?ve got to tell it?.

?Absence of the Clitoris dictates brutal honestly with your feelings. The coping mechanisms highlighted in my book, ‘Kajeemah,’ are great ways for circumcised women to have a joyful love life; which I discovered by trial and error, broken relationships etc., Yaba says, adding, “This is my way of giving back to that community, the educational awareness for the fresh teenage girls and even how to avoid being circumcised!” Continue reading