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‘Tips for Jesus’ Makes One Bartender Smile 5K Times! (Watch)

*One bartender in Manhattan just can’t stop grinning. And with clear cause. It was a slow night for Caitlin Cahill, who works as a Bartender at GuYer’s on New York’s upper west side; when two gentlemen entered the bar and would end up staying for two hours.

“It was a really slow, quiet night. Just chatting for a while,” Cahill tells CBS2.

During that time one of the men, Jack Selby, a former Paypal executive,  asked the pretty bartender if she was familiar with the Tips for Jesus (acts of human kindness) movement.

“I said I was,” Cahill responded. Selby said, “That’s me!”

Cahill thought he was joking and went about her business. But later, after processing the check, realized the man had left her a $5,000 tip on a $100 bill. The words “We back” were scrawled on the receipt! Continue reading

Ah…The Kindness of Strangers! Just Look At What This Patron Did for Deaf Waitress

Keri Carlson
Keri Carlson

*Waitress Kerie Marie Carlson probably thought it was just going to be another day as she led this customer to his table. But she was in for quite a surprise.

As they walked to the table, the man being led realized Carlson was having trouble hearing him. When this was brought to the waitresses attention, she explained that one of her hearing aids was broken.

Sounds like the kind stranger, who wishes to remain anonymous, didn’t skip a beat before demanding that Carlson take the $500 in his hand to get her hearing aide repaired; even though she had attempted to decline.

I’m not even sure if he had sat down yet! 

“I cried for a minute in his arms!” the overwhelmed waitress told ABC News.  Continue reading