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Breaking Down the Myth of the Absent Black Father (WATCH)

absent black father (debunking) - screenshot

*One of the most damaging accusations leveled against Black men has been their lack of involvement in their kids? lives. Thanks to no small contribution from the news media, popular opinion considers Black men to flee responsibility and be up to no good.

This has happened for so long that the phrase ?deadbeat dad? now conjures up the image of a Black man in America. The truth couldn?t be any farther away from this.

Before busting the myth of the absent Black father, we must understand why this myth exists. The reason is as simple as scapegoating.

Why are Black youths involved in crime? Why is there mass incarceration of Black men? Why are Black people selling drugs? Why can?t Black people move up economically? Seeking the real answers to this question would mean studying structural racism in our country but repeatedly saying ?absent fathers? serves as a good deflection.

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