Why Should You Call a Professional for Home Maintenance?

Home maintenance is one of those things that you may feel need a personal touch to get right. It’s your home, after all. However, you may want to skip the DIY for this one, creating a nest egg instead to cater to the cost of getting a professional to do your maintenance for you. Here are five reasons why you’d be better off signing on for the services of a professional.

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How Can We Prevent Drug Use in America?

Drug use is a major problem that has developed exponentially over time, becoming an issue that needs intervention. Change is necessary in order to save the coming generations from falling into the same trap as the current one and so this is an important discussion. Read on to see five key ways in which we can prevent drug use in America.

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Women Continue to Break Into Male-Dominated Fields

The world is witnessing many changes in the way things are done, and one of these is having more women break into male-dominated fields. With people letting go of traditional preconceptions and giving people work based on their abilities rather than sticking to gender roles, this change brings hope for women drawn to fields considered ‘male’. To get a few ideas of how you can succeed in a male-dominated field, have a look at these five tips.

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How to Help Your Child Ease Back into School

There’s no denying that the past year was chock-full of activities that changed many people’s regular life routines. Things have settled down into a new normal, however, and school is one of these things. If you are wondering how you can help ease your child back into school, have a look at the five tips below.

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America Has an Individualism Problem

Americans emphasize the individual and take away emphasis from the collective. In this individualistic culture, the needs of the individual are placed above the needs of the whole. Everyone is unique, autonomous, and the social behavior that we know is dictated by individual attitudes and preferences. However, is this individualism really beneficial? Or does it unintentionally harm the population as a whole?

America has an Individualism Problem, and it may not be fixable.

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What Do Tesla’s Robots Mean for the Future?

Tesla is working on a new project not too far off from what is seen in popular science fiction, the Tesla Bot. Technology continues to grow at a rapid and exponential pace. Dating all the way back to Ancient Greece, there were people experimenting with electricity. This was 2,000 years before Benjamin Franklin made his own electrical discoveries. Now, a little less than 300 years after Franklin’s experiments, technology has advanced to the point to create AI laborers. Most people, even those born in the mid to late 1900s could likely not even guess that society would have advanced technology as much as it has over the past 50 years.

Elon Musk announced the new AI Tesla Bot and has stated that the robots’ purpose would be to eliminate the need for humans to do dangerous tasks as well as boring or repetitive tasks. Rather than have the robots solely work on earth, in spaces with only humans, the robots are also planned to eventually work on Mars.

Economy Growth Predictions

Musk has mentioned that he believes the Tesla Bot would have a great impact on the economy. He, among other scientists in Silicon Valley, believes that in the future working will be a choice, and there would be a universal basic income. With the creation of AI laborer robots, there would be fewer costs for businesses. In the 2016 to 2017 fiscal year, workers were compensated around $40,051 per employee. The total costs of compensation would greatly decrease if their workforce were to include AI workers. The potential increase in AI laborers would be a decrease in jobs. Businesses would have the opportunity to employ fewer humans and instead have a mix of human workers as well as AI laborers.

Society has already seen automation and a decrease in specific jobs. This automation has made lives easier in many ways. Automation is used in so many processes, including mining and construction. With these automation processes being commonplace, AI labor is one of the next logical steps. With automation, computer numerical control, or CNC, is used to control machining tools. CNC has been used since around the 1940s and has helped to push society toward more complicated automation and computers.

Humans Still Have Autonomy

Though these bots are designed to make life easier for humans by reducing human involvement, their involvement becomes more important. If there is an error that automation cannot work around, humans can step in to correct the problem or to fix the robot. It is in this same sort of scenario that people are worried about. The public are worried about flaws in machines such as this. Whether there is a simple flaw in the coding or a malfunction that may render the machine useless. There is also the issue of whether the AI robot may become violent and what that would mean for anyone in the surrounding area. Musk has said that the Tesla Bot would be fairly light and easy to take over if necessary. This concern of robots taking over or being violent towards humans is not new. One instance of this idea came up in the 1950s, in a science fiction anthology titled “I, Robot.” This is also where the laws of robotics came about in a more concrete way. In other stories before, there were mentions of similar ideas.

Elon Musk has set 2022 as the year the prototype would be out. This is a soft release date because, in the past Musk has given out news regarding Tesla, and that has not turned out in the way that it was expected to. Projects in the past have been canceled, or have been exaggerated and overpromised when it comes to unveilings.

Projects like the Tesla Bot are one of many promising futures and developments in technology. As technology continues to advance, more audacious projects are likely to come about as well.

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Why Is America so Dangerous to Drive In?

Driving is a dangerous activity. That is why drivers are required to be licensed and insured. While this may lessen some of the dangers, the reality is that 76,000 individuals were injured, and 4,700 pedestrians were killed in auto-related accidents in 2012, and that is just in the U.S. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration found that two of three motorists will be involved in an auto accident with injuries during their lifetime.

Statistics to Understand

The cost of auto-related accidents is large. The National Council on Compensation Insurance cited that auto injuries accounted for one of the largest sectors of workers’ compensation claims. This averaged $78,466 per claim filed in 2017 and 2018. Other claims they cited were burns *$49,521) and falls and slips ($47,516). With statistics this high, the dangerous conditions around driving need to be considered. There are several reasons why the numbers are so high.

Drivers Test

While initially, drivers are required to pass a written and driving test to be issued a license, many of those same individuals would not be able to pass that same test several years later. As the test materials cover road rules and regulations, forgetting these core items can lead to dangerous situations. That is why adult drivers are often sent to or encouraged to take a defensive driving course.

Speed Causes Accidents

Almost a third of accidents involve excessive speed as a contributor to the accident. This doesn’t simply mean staying within the speed limit, it means paying attention to the road and weather conditions and adjusting the vehicle’s speed appropriately. Rain, sleet and snow can reduce visibility and inhibit traction. It also makes it more difficult to see pedestrians.

Inexperienced Drivers

New drivers, including teens, have the highest accident rate. This is why they carry higher insurance premiums and are often required to initially drive with a more experienced driver. Most accidents will occur within the first year of driving.

Increase in Pedestrian Traffic

Auto accidents involving pedestrians and cyclists have increased in recent years. This has led to an increase of 30% of pedestrians involved in auto accidents. Additionally, the increase in quiet electric or hybrid vehicles means that pedestrians are less likely to be alerted to road hazards.

Poor Weather Conditions

Hazardous weather conditions contribute to a large number of auto accidents. Wet, slick roads, combined with speed, create a situation where it takes 10 times longer than normal to stop a vehicle. This causes many accidents each year in the United States.

Road Rage and Aggressive Driving

In the US, an estimated 60% of auto accidents with fatalities are the result of aggressive driving. Young male drivers are the most at risk. Avoiding forceful or hostile drivers can help avoid an accident.

Permanent Injuries

Approximately two million people sustain permanent injuries from traffic accidents in the US each year. This means that they will never fully recover from their injuries. While the Labor Department in 2020 reported that 17.9% of those with disabilities were employed, this is still a frightening statistic. This is compared to 61.8% of non-disabled people who are not employed. Clearly, taking strategic steps to protect yourself on the road is very important.

While these causal factors that lead to traffic accidents, injuries, and fatalities give us all cause to think about safety when we are driving, improvements are being made by auto manufacturers to improve the safety functions of vehicles. Also, the increase in the use of public transportation options, walking, and cycling can lower emissions and accident figures. Understanding that driving in the US is dangerous and factors to watch for will help keep you safe on the road. If you are a parent, work with your teen driver, so they understand the dangers and develop the skills necessary to avoid common road situations. Taking these steps will keep everyone on the road safer.

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Why Do Celebrities Love Living in California?

California offers a lot of business for celebrities and it seems like anyone who is anyone takes up residence there. However, what is it about California that makes it so appealing to celebrities? Why do they seem to love living there so much?

To help you better understand the appeal, here is what you need to know about how California draws in the brightest stars.

1. The Luxury of Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills, as described by the popular band Wheezer, ‘That’s where I want to be’. And this is certainly true for a lot of celebrities. Homes in Beverly Hills go fast, as opposed to over 50% of homes in the DC Metro area that didn’t even sell the first time they were listed. This is due to the inherent luxury that many Beverly Hills homes feature. From winding driveways, quiet streets, state-of-the-art security systems, and manicured landscaping surrounding pools and Jacuzzis, these homes have everything that a celebrity could ever want.

For well-known celebrities, this peace and quiet can be a relaxing break from the paparazzi and flocks of fans that hound them every time they venture outside of their secluded homes.

2. The Pricier the Better

Another big draw is the price tags that come with the California lifestyle, particularly the kind found in Beverly Hills. To put this into perspective, the average home costs $374,900, and the ROI of a bathroom remodel in a standard home is 70.1%. Assuming the average cost is $19,134, making the return about $13,422. Now, the average cost of a house in Beverly Hills is $3,838,168. That is roughly the cost of 10 average homes, or roughly 200 bathroom remodels.

If you have a lot of money, Beverly Hills, California is one of the best places to show it off.

3. Easy Access to Nightlife

California is rife with nightlife, and celebrities love to show up and show off at the hottest and most exclusive clubs and restaurants in the state. When celebrities aren’t feeling like showing off for the cameras, they can experience a more quiet dining and club scene in Beverly Hills, where it is harder for paparazzi to hound them incessantly. Here, quite upscale bistros and cafes can be found that offer these A-listers a chance to enjoy a meal without constantly having their pictures snapped. It also helps that these restaurants are rated as some of the best in the country, so it isn’t hard to see why celebrities love them so much.

Furthermore, with easy access to nightlife comes easy access to chauffeur services that can help get them to and from their homes without needing to drive themselves. This means they can enjoy as many drinks as they want without worrying about getting behind the wheel. Similar to PA, where a second DUI conviction can result in five days to six months in jail, CA has some strict DUI rules and a second conviction can result in three to five years probation, fines, 96 hours to one year of jail time, and an ignition interlock device that needs to be installed for a year.

4. Being Close to Business and Peers

It’s no denying that Los Angeles is one of the hottest places for actors and celebrities to be, and being close to it can provide them with easier access to work. There’s a reason that most aspiring actors move to this area, and it’s no surprise that those who succeed usually stick around.

Additionally, because so many celebrities live in California, it gives them the chance to socialize with others in their business. This exclusive circle is something that can be harder to find anywhere else.

Living in Beverly Hills

It’s no denying that California is known for its celebrities, and it isn’t hard to see why. Between the luxury, exclusivity, and easy access to anything they could ever need, there isn’t any reason for any of them to leave. If given the chance, I’m sure many of us wouldn’t either!

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