5 Tips for Winning your Personal Injury Case

The best results in a personal injury case come when a good and experienced attorney meets a cooperative and helpful client. If you’re wondering what exactly you can do to be a good client and improve your chances of getting a favorable outcome, read on to see five helpful tips.

Preserve All Possible Evidence

Because you must prove damages, causation, and negligence in a personal injury case, it’s important for you to gather and preserve all the evidence. Take photo and video evidence if possible, as this will help your lawyer work on your case and calculate the losses you suffered more easily this way. Since pictures speak a thousand words, you will be well-placed to take pictures of anything that contributed to your injury as well as your state at the site of injury, as soon as it’s possible to do. Also, keep all receipts and other evidence of urgent care if you receive it. This will go a long way as far as outlining the event and explaining it to relevant parties.

Be Truthful and Accurate

Nothing can bring down a case as an instance of inaccuracy or dishonesty. Always be sure about what you’re saying at all times and make sure to recount details as they occurred. Doing this will enable your lawyer to effectively evaluate your case and know how best to position and present it to the courts. Since you have no reason to lie, make sure to leave no doubt as to the accuracy of your claims, and you will have an easier process.

Be Transparent With Your Lawyer

Since your attorney cannot share confidential information you entrust them with without your express permission, it’s important to tell them everything. Present all the facts to your lawyer and let them decide what will be helpful and what will not because this is the only way they will be able to formulate a winning strategy. Since negligence has two degrees, either simple or gross, your attorney will be able to tell the right one when you recount everything that occurred with full honesty. Even if a particular detail seems unimportant or embarrassing, trust your attorney with it to enable them to do their job.

Avoid Social Media

Social media can be a minefield following your accident, and so it’s best for you to avoid using it while your case is ongoing. If you cannot avoid it altogether, exercise extreme caution with your interactions and limit the posts you make, keeping your media private. This is because defendants can misrepresent images, posts, and messages on social media to minimize the injuries that a plaintiff suffered. Your case will end soon enough if you cooperate and help your legal team do their job without an extra burden to bear, so wait it out until it’s done and then you can get back to your normal life.

Seek Urgent Care When Necessary

The final tip is an important one, as it is part of gathering evidence. If you have the need to seek urgent care or any degree of care, don’t hesitate to do so. Follow through with any medical treatment that’s prescribed to you so that you heal well and your case also goes well. With almost 31 million Americans found to experience lower back pain at any given time, it’s important for you to take care of your health and work towards a full recovery while your legal team works on your case. The assessment that a medical professional gives you will help you and your lawyer get a clear picture of your damages, and that’s another reason why it’s important.

Follow the five tips above to get a better chance of winning your personal injury case, and your attorney will be happy to work with a helpful client as well.

Your Heating Bill May Be Higher This Season, CNBC Reports: Here’s How to Keep It Down

It’s no secret that your energy costs will climb during the winter months. But CNBC reports that inflation could mean a higher heating bill than usual for this winter season. The Winter Fuels Outlook of 2021, which was recently released by the U.S. Energy Information Administration, says that nearly half of all American households that heat with natural gas are projected to spend up to 30% more than they did last winter. Even those who heat their homes with electricity are expected to spend up to 6% more.

Fortunately, there are still a few key ways you can help to keep your heating costs down this winter. Here are a few tips to get you started.

Keep Your HVAC Filters Clean

The filters in your HVAC system are meant to catch dust, dirt, debris, and allergens before they make their way into your home. However, this debris can build up on the filters over time, making it more difficult for the system to work efficiently. You need to make sure that you clean your filters regularly, wiping away the dust and dirt and promoting good airflow. Doing so will keep your system working well for a long time because the American Standard heat exchanger won’t need to work as hard.

You also need to keep your filters clean in order to keep a good air quality inside your house. Clogged filters can add allergens into the air and lead to more respiratory infections when you’re inside. A respiratory infection can come with discomfort in your airways and a fever, which ranges anywhere from 100.4 to 104 degrees. By keeping your filters clean, you can reduce both your energy costs and your chances of getting sick.

Increase the Temperature of Your Water Heater

Water heating makes up approximately 18% of your home’s energy costs. During the winter months, your water heater typically needs to work harder to heat up your water. That means you’re more likely to leave your water running until it gets warm enough. While it may seem counterproductive, increasing the temperature of your water heater will give you less waiting time between when you turn on your faucet and when you get warmer water, which can help to save on both heating and water costs.

Keep Inside Doors Open to Circulate Heat

The standard American house has nearly doubled in size since the 1950s, with an average size of nearly 2,500 square feet. Heating all of this space can be extremely expensive. However, good airflow can help reduce that cost. If you keep your doors open, you can circulate warm air throughout the house. This is much cheaper than individually heating every single room.  If you’re looking at new houses, consider asking your real estate agent how expensive the average heating bill is for the house you’re interested in. Up to 78% of recent buyers found their real estate agent to be a very useful information source.

Bundle Up

If you lower the thermostat, you’ll use less energy. However, your home will be colder. Get into the habit of wearing sweaters and socks inside in order to be comfortable in a slightly cooler house. While you shouldn’t lower the temperature too drastically, a difference of ten degrees can have a major impact on your bill.

There are ways to save money on your energy bill during the winter. If you plan ahead and are willing to do a little extra work, you can warm your home efficiently and stay comfortable while not going broke. So use the heat from your oven, keep your system clean, and throw on some warm socks. You’ll find that it is easier to save money than you might have anticipated.

3 Signs of Good Things to Come in 2022

With 2022 approaching fast, it’s not news that most of us are eager to put the activities and events of this year and the last one behind us for good. If you’re wondering whether there are any forecasts of good things to come in 2022, here are three of them. Have a look at them and stay motivated long enough to cross over into 2022.

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A Personal Injury Case? In Your Own Home? Here’s What to Do

If you’re a homeowner, it’s your responsibility to ensure the safety of the people on your property. But what happens when there’s a personal injury case on your premises? You may think it’s unlikely, but think of the people you could potentially invite into your home. You can invite your contractors, babysitters, and housekeepers. It’s especially common for homeowners to invite repairmen to their homes.

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What You Need to Know Before Building a House

Building a house is often an amazing experience for many people because of the opportunity it represents. It may seem a bit overwhelming, however, especially if you’re not sufficiently prepared. Here are four things you need to know before building a house to make sure it’s both sustainable and gratifying to you in the end.

Plan Thoroughly

It may be fun and exciting to look at renders of finished house designs, but it’s important to look at the details as well. These include the function of the spaces, lighting, number, and positioning of electrical outlets, and more. All these details will help with making the home a perfect space once it’s fully constructed, and this is why it’s important to work with the right professionals to make sure you’ve not missed something crucial. Since overtime pay in a place like California, for instance, is required after eight hours a day and 40 hours of a workweek, you will also need to plan the details of how you will stage your construction to make the most progress with the least stress and expenditure.

Budget For Miscellaneous Expenses

Anyone who has ever built a house will tell you that they had to fork out more money than they initially planned on. Use this information when preparing your budget and be sure you have a considerable amount set aside for miscellaneous expenses and the effects of unforeseen events. Bad weather, for example, can lead to losses due to the destruction of construction materials, or you may have to redo certain spots to get what you want. If you want to make your building process sustainable, it will help a lot to set aside some emergency funds for situations that were not in your original plans.

Don’t Move in Before You Finish

This may seem like a strange tip, but sometimes when the timeline and budget you had set for completion passes, you may get impatient and decide to finish the rest after moving in. This is not the best move you can make, because you will often grow comfortable with the state of your house and something that should have taken a few weeks to finish may end up taking months or even years. You may experience the side-effects of this by developing sustainable and visible mold growth on the heating and cooling components of your HVAC system, leading to health issues for everyone in the house. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency recommends people should clean their units if they notice this, which may be as a result of improper placement or exposure of your unit in the unfinished house.

Partner With The Right Builders

Finally, the people you partner with can either make the process easy and straightforward for you or extremely hard and riddled with issues every step of the way. Take time looking for referrals and doing research to find a good construction company to work with. Ask them some questions to find out if they share your vision and you will have an easy process when you enlist the services of someone who understands your needs and is willing to work to enable you to get what you want. Make sure they have certification and the relevant papers that show they’re legitimate and trained well enough to be a valuable addition to your project. Things like cables can sag and be crushed under the weight of something else if they’re not organized properly, or have their life expectancy halved if they’re in a place with high foot traffic. An experienced team will know how to deal with such issues and give you the best in the final result.

The four things above should help you construct your dream house in a way that won’t stress you out a lot, so keep them in mind.

3 Household TikTok Hacks You NEED to Know

There are many uses for social media. People go onto these sites to relax, socialize, and learn new things. One of the more popular types of educational videos are those that teach viewers different “life hacks” to help make things easier. Household hacks are very popular and, considering 840,000 single-family homes were built in the US in 2018, there are many people who can use them. TikTok is one of the most popular social media sites in the world and it is full of life hacks for any situation. Here are three of the best tiktok household hacks that you NEED to know in order to make your own life a little easier.

Eliminate Bin Odor

It seems inevitable that your garbage bin will smell terrible sometimes. Corrosion costs the US Armed Services an average of $5 billion each year and you might feel some connection due to the corrosive smell from your trashcan. While there are ways to reduce the smell, these solutions can be expensive and the smell always comes back. However, TikTok user Mama_Mila_ posted a unique solution to bin odor that doesn’t cost much at all. In her video, Mama_Mila shows viewers that if you douse a cotton ball in essential oil, then put it in the bin beneath the liner, it will keep the bin smelling fresh. She doesn’t specify a certain essential oil, so any should work. This allows you to choose a scent that you enjoy. And by putting it under the liner, the cotton ball never makes direct contact with any of the strong-smelling rubbish, keeping it clean no matter what you put in the trash.

Grow Your Own Vegetables from Kitchen Scraps

Gardening doesn’t have to be a time-consuming chore that you can only do outside. In fact, kitchen gardens are very popular and you don’t need to spend any money to get started. You can regrow some of your favorite vegetables out of kitchen scraps. Tiktok user BrowsBeverlyHills_AU demonstrates how to do this in her video. You take the root end of whatever vegetable you have and put it in water. She uses green onions and baby bok choy, but there are many vegetables that will do the same thing. After a few days to a couple of weeks, you have a new vegetable. This can be a great way to help cut some money out of your grocery budget while continuing to eat healthy food.

Get Old Milk Out of Bottles

If you have a baby drinking out of bottles, you are constantly washing them. Sometimes, even the best washing won’t get rid of all the old milk residue inside the bottle. TikTok user Beba_Jimenez_ offers a simple solution to help remove stubborn milk from places that are difficult to reach. After washing the bottle, she then takes a small amount of dried rice and pours it into the bottle. Then she adds soap and hot water. By shaking the bottle, she uses the rice to scrape along the sides and get rid of the dried-on milk. After another quick wash with a bottle brush, the bottle is completely clean and ready to use again. This hack can also save you money by reducing your energy usage. Total energy costs in the US dropped 5% in 2019 and using your dishwasher less will provide even more savings.

While social media is often derided as a waste of time, it can be a great way to help you find solutions to problems you deal with every day. These three TikTok videos are some that you need to try in your own household. So give them a try, then check out TikTok for more ideas of life hacks you can apply to your own household.

Almost Two Years Later, How Are Hospitals Doing In the Pandemic?

The COVID-19 virus has caused a lot of difficulties and dangers. While the United States has done much to help, such as signing the $2 trillion emergency relief package, the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act on March 27, 2020, hospitals are still struggling even two years later. Here’s what needs to be understood about this healthcare crisis and its severe danger.

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