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Introducing an Orange Alligator: the “Trumpagator!”


*I still remember the “horse of a different color” scene in the 1939 Hollywood remake of The Wizard of Oz.?


Remember it? ?That horse changed into several bright colors during that segment, and has prompted smiles for generations of movie lovers.

Well, THAT was a horse…in a movie. ? I wouldn’t have been smiling at the sight of this: ?a 4- to 5-foot orange alligator. ?He or she — you can’t blame anyone for not wanting to get close enough to discern the beast’s gender! — turned heads earlier this week near a pond just outside of Charleston, South Carolina. ?Residents have begun joking that it should be called a “Trumpagator.” Continue reading

Can Uber Ruin a Marriage? This Man Says ‘Yes’… He’s Headed to Divorce Court

uber jealousy

*I can kind of see that. A marriage hitting the rocks because of Uber. But not for the reasons this man is claiming, and further, actually suing the company over. What I wouldn’t give to be a fly on THAT courtroom wall. His lawsuit claims that since the app “lingers” … as in — doesn’t shut off after he is done driving — his wife peeped his pick up and drop off points and accused him of cheating.


I don’t know dude. Sounds like your marriage may have been on shaky ground to begin with. But who am I?

I do, however, want to explain?my?why. I speak from experience.?Driving Uber can be very addictive. You almost feel guilty when you’re?not driving.?And when you DO go to visit people; say, on a “day off” (if you can muster up a justification to take one) you are secretly thinking, “I’m wasting time! I could be out making money!”

I know. It’s terrible. I’m not even gonna front.

But back to Mr. “Soon-to-be-single.” According to local UK media, he’s suing Uber for $45 million dollars. Continue reading

Well Lookie Here: 31 People in Michigan Could Face Criminal Charges for…Voting Twice!


*Yeah, you read that right. In the election last Fall, the one where we are living the devastating results now…The where two of 10 wise points of advice shared online by Bernice King and others said don’t?say HIS name…don’t refer to his [weird] color…

Yes, that election.?

In an early and often move it has now been revealed that 31 people in Michigan actually voted two times. The “error” was pointed out after a partial statewide recount investigation of the presidential race raised questions about how ballots were handled in Detroit. Continue reading

Watch: ‘Terror at McDonald’s Drive Thru’ as Desperate Mother Tries to Hands Child to Employee

image001 (2)
Surveillance video from outside a McDonald?s drive-through window showed Jessica Wilson rush from a car to try to hand her 2-year-old daughter to an employee of the restaurant while Levenski Crossty tried to get them back into the car.

*In what she describes in court as a desperate attempt to save her 2-year-old daughter from her enraged, jealous ex, Jessica Wilson is seen in a video (scroll down) exiting a car with a child in her arms at the drive thru McDonald’s window and attempts to hand the toddler over to the waiting arms of a McDonald’s employee. Prosecutors say the worker told Wilson, “Hand the child to me.”

In the video, the man who was apparently driving the car, and has been identified as the father of the young child, immediately jumped out of the car to obstruct Wilson’s attempts and snatched the child just as she was about to be handed over, put the child back into the car (with her siblings) and drove off.

Wilson was left desolate and badly beaten, with two black eyes, bruises, a cut on her head, and a bite mark on her hand; begging someone to “please call 911.”

You didn’t have to witness this first-hand to feel the horror. And although no one ever knows exactly what went down prior to what the pictures actually show, I ask you.

Does it really matter;?

Aren’t we sick and tired of seeing or hearing about children being used as pawns because the parents can’t get it together? In this case, all I can even care about is the fact that a child / children are in danger.

And pictures don’t lie — at least not this one.

With that said, this is how things were described in court. Continue reading

Boy Finds Rattlesnake In Toilet, 23 More Found Underneath Family’s House


*Where’s Samuel Jackson when you need him?

Isac McFadden, a boy in Abilene, Texas got up the other morning to use the bathroom. ?When he opened the toilet, a rattlesnake that was slithering up the bowl was there to greet him.

He told his mom about it, who frantically called a snake removal expert. ?She also told Isac’s older brother to grab a shovel.

By the time Nathan Hawkins of Big Country Snake Removal had showed up, one of the butch ass McFadden boys had decapitated the snake.

That made serpent removal expert Hawkins sad.

“They’re actually very, very amazing creatures that are really misunderstood,” Hawkins said. ?”There are irrational fears around them.”

I think it’s irrational for anyone NOT to want to cut the head off of a rattlesnake that’s slithering around in their toilet bowl. ? Continue reading

Beware! Recall on Dog Food with Euthanasia Ingredient Found Inside Evanger’s ‘Hunk of Beef’ (Watch)

evangers dog food

*The Wheeling, Illinois-based Evanger’s Pet Food Company is devastated and have recalled one lot of the dog food that they learned has made several dogs ill and fatally wounded another.

This is the first time something like this has happened in the company’s 82-year history.

The company found that the dogs had began getting ill on New Year’s Eve, and started a four-week investigation, sending samples of the food they had eaten to an independent lab “to test for any toxin or bacteria we could possibly imagine. All of those tests came back negative,” they said.

It wasn’t until the end of January that the company heard the term,?’pentobarbital.’ The drug is used to anesthetize and euthanize (mercy kill) animals.

How in the HELL can something like this end up in dog food…by accident? Continue reading

Terrified 9-Year-Old Calls 911 on ‘Drunk Driving Dad’ (Listen)


*A 9-year-old girl in the car with her drunken father begged him to pull over as she was on the phone with a 911 dispatcher. Man, can I relate to this one! All I will say right here is it takes me back to my own childhood, and makes me remember to appreciate and always show gratitude for the fact that I am still here.

?Hello, is this 911? ? The only person that?s here is my dad and he?s drunk,? the girl, whose younger sister was also in the car, told the police dispatcher during a 17-minute call on Sunday. ?Help me, please! Help me!?

The harrowing incident occurred in late January according to the New York Post; while the father, identified as 36-year-old Wesley Charles Burgner, was traveling from Atlanta to the home of his parents in St. Simons, according to reports by?

?I don?t know where we?re going. He?s driving really fast,? the frightened child told the dispatcher. ?I think I?m going to get into a wreck.? Continue reading

New Yorkers on Subway Take to Erasing Swastika Graffiti: ‘This is Not Trumps America’


Subway passenger uses hand sanitizer and tissue to clean swastika image off of NYC train
Subway passenger uses hand sanitizer and tissue to clean swastika image off of NYC train

*Imagine getting on a train and looking up to see that every single advertisement has been graffitied with a swastika.?Now open your eyes. It’s 2017 and that’s exactly what a group of stunned New Yorkers saw in one of the trains cars. At first, all they could do was look at each other, mouths agape. That was before one passenger came up with a brilliant response which inspired everyone else to take action.

?I got on the subway in Manhattan tonight and found a Swastika on every advertisement and every window,? Gregory Locke wrote on his Facebook page. ?The train was silent as everyone stared at each other, uncomfortable and unsure what to do.?

Being from New York I know for a fact the silence didn’t take long to break.

?One guy got up and said, ?Hand sanitizer gets rid of Sharpie. We need alcohol.? He found some tissues and got to work,? Locke wrote. ?I?ve never seen so many people simultaneously reach into their bags and pockets looking for tissues and Purel. Within about two minutes, all the Nazi symbolism was gone.?

The hateful perps had even written??Jews belong in the oven? on a swastika-tinged map. Continue reading