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Tom Brokaw Apology Not Accepted After Putting Foot in Mouth When Commenting on Hispanics – WATCH

tom brokaw - screenshot
Tom Brokaw

*If you haven’t heard, veteran NBC news man Tom Brokaw is sitting in some deeeeep hot water today because of the comments he made Sunday on “Meet the Press.” 

Brokaw, 78, has already apologized for saying that Hispanic immigrants need to do a better job of assimilating to the United States and teaching their children to speak English, but as you may have already guessed (our headline’s a good clue), Hispanic groups, including the National Association of Hispanic Journalists/NAHJis not satisfied and is not having it, according to Richard Prince’s Journal-isms blog.  

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12-year-old Honor Student Suspended! Christian Philon Unknowingly Used Counterfeit Money to Pay for Lunch

Christian Philon - photo wsb-tv)

*We can only shake our collective heads at what’s happening to a straight-A honor student who is facing a possible 10-day in-school suspension all because he unknowingly used counterfeit money to purchase his lunch.

The school is even considering this punishment in spite of the student’s parents filing a police report regarding the counterfeit $20 bill. 

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Texas Politicians Resign Amid Accusations of Using City Money to See Michelle Obama

lynda thomas - beckie duncan hayes

*You could argue that this is a case of taking fandom too far. So far that it got a pair of Texas politicians in hot water that they had to resign. What did they do?  They allegedly misused public funds to attend an event on Michelle Obama’s book tour.

As a result, Forest Hill, Texas, Mayor Lyndia Thomas and Mayor Pro Tem Beckie Hayes submitted their resignations on Wednesday, ahead of a public hearing over alleged misconduct and expenses related to the former first lady’s book tour event in Dallas last year.

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Payless Shoes Tries Unique Marketing Campaign Through Pop-Up Store

Was this marketing prank brilliant or a bust?

Discount shoe retailer, Payless Shoesource, tricked high-class shoppers during the first weekend of December. By opening the fake luxury store, Palessi, fashionistas were willing to spend hundreds of dollars on shoes that cost as little as $20 in some cases.

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First Time Hang Glider Hangs On By His Fingertips Through Potentially Fatal Error

Vacations are the perfect times to try new things you’re unable to do at home. Like, last year, 8.3 million people tried snorkeling in the United States, which isn’t exactly readily available in, say, Oklahoma.

One man, on the first day of his Switzerland vacation with his wife was trying hang gliding for the first time and something went terribly wrong. Fear is an odd thing. We mentioned snorkeling and many people are terrified of the ocean depths. Last year, 127.6 million people went to the dentist and a vast percentage of them are terrified of that. Fear of heights is quite common and our hang gliding hero is about the bravest person to stare death in the face from hundreds of feet off the ground.

His name is Chris Gursky and while getting set up to go tandem hang gliding along with a professional, the instructor forgot to attach Gursky’s safety harness to the hang glider. Gursky, a literal first timer, doesn’t notice this. That is, until they jump off the cliff and he quickly grabs onto the instructor before they plummet, gliding hundreds of feet off the ground.

These tourist hang gliding companies have cameras attached to the gliders and you can watch all two minutes and fourteen seconds of Gursky hanging on for his life as the pilot maneuvered an emergency landing. Those, we can imagine, were the longest two minutes of his life. Perhaps both of their lives.

?I ended up holding on the bar with the left hand and the lower part of his leg with the right when we were nearing the ground. I looked down to see my feet hit first, which ripped me off at about 45 mph as it was a hot landing and I was under the landing gear,” Gursky said.

He made the footage into a video cleverly titled Swiss Mishap, in which he makes fairly humorous commentary considering the circumstances. From the impact of landing, he tore a bicep and broke his wrist, which needed surgery, complete with a titanium plate being inserted. A much more desirable outcome than others we’d rather not think about.

The nausea-inducing video is more than enough for us. Gursky is in good spirits and says he’ll absolutely try hang gliding again. What’s more? He bears the instructor no ill will and is impressed with how he handled an emergency situation. Personally, we’re impressed with how calm Gursky is through all of this because we’re getting sweaty palms just thinking about it.

Old Man Sues Government To Change His Age To Up His Tinder Game

As we get older, certain things become a little more important. Bodies get a little less resilient than they were in college. Now we’re thinking about things like if we’ve had our 2.5 cups of fruit and veggies today instead of devouring pizza and wings at three in the morning without consequence. Yep, we’re getting older and there’s nothing we can do to stop it. Or is there?

One guy in the Netherlands definitely thinks so. Emile Ratelband is a media personality who’s been in the midst of a controversial stunt that has grabbed a fair amount of attention. He filed a lawsuit against the Dutch government to have his age changed from 69 to 49. More specifically, he wants his legal birthday changed from March 11, 1949 to March 11, 1969.

Talk about a late-life crisis. Where he’s drawing the most controversy isn’t specifically the act of having his age changed, it’s that he’s compared it flippantly to being transgender. His nonchalant attitude has been widely regarded as transphobic.

?We live in a time when you can change your name and change your gender. Why can?t I decide my own age?? he asked.

Drawing the ire of the transgender community, they say he’s comparing the transitioning process and the associated psycho-social and biological processes to his inability to get Tinder dates with younger women. Which he kind of is.

?When I?m 69, I am limited. If I?m 49, then I can buy a new house, drive a different car. I can take up more work. When I?m on Tinder and it says I?m 69, I don?t get an answer. When I?m 49, with the face I have, I will be in a luxurious position,? he said.

Veritably brushing off being transgender as a feeling, Radelband isn’t backing down from his absurd stunt. If attention is what he’s looking for, he’s certainly got a lot of it now. Ironically enough, all those women who aren’t swiping right on Tinder because of his age are going to know it anyway because the story is viral. Also, gramps, if you pay for Tinder you can hide your age. Or a gym membership costs an average of $58 every month. Go lift or something. Either option is cheaper than your legal fees, not to mention the brazen immaturity of this stunt.

A verdict on the court ruling is expected in the next month or so. He even offered to give up his pension if legally allowed to change his age. We’ll see what happens. One thing is certain: regardless of what age you feel, look, or want to be, maturity isn’t guaranteed.

Would You Like Fries with Your Grilled Rat? – Read Why Burger Joint was Shut Down – VIDEO

The restaurant should re-open once it is cleaned and equipment is replaced.

rat being grilled

Lord have mercy! This story is a real stomach turner.  That is unless you’re into eating rats.

In Hawaii, a restaurant there found itself being forced to shut down if only temporarily after video of a rodent being cooked on its grill went viral on social media, according to reports.

?We are horrified a former employee would create something like this trying to destroy our reputation without regard for our 20-plus years of quality and aloha,?  Teddy?s Bigger Burgers President Richard Stula told Hawaii News Now.

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Major Retailers Are Finally Realizing the Power of Plus-Size Clothing

According to Plunkett Research, the average American woman wears a size 14 or above. But for a long time, that plus-sized customer has been largely ignored by the majority of the biggest retailers in the nation. But it looks as if a shift is starting to happen, thanks to some independent brands that continue to prove just how powerful the plus-sized market can be. Continue reading