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16-year-old girl ‘sold’ to Kenyan man


Fourteen-year-old Maria Malaso was supposed to be married to a 64-year-old man a few weeks after the Kenyan government ordered the suspension of schools in mid-March due to the coronavirus.

“I woke up one morning and my father told me that we are poor and schools will never reopen,” she said. Her father explained that an older man from their village in Narok County would marry her and pay her bride price to balance their financial shortcomings.

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How Can Small Businesses Recover From COVID-19?

There are roughly 30.2 million small businesses in the United States. No matter what industry you’re in, there is no way you have not been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. This virus has without a doubt changed the world and it’s going to take a long time before things return even to a shred of normalcy.

Unlike natural disasters, the structural integrity of these businesses across the country remains intact. Average concrete strength is about 3,000 PSI and most concrete structures can last for more than 100 years.

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COVID-19: How American Industry Has Been Effected

The COVID 19 pandemic crisis has not been easy for anyone. Currently, in the United States, unemployment is 14.7% and over 20 million jobs have been lost. Every industry has been affected in some way and will continue to be as the year goes on.


Sobering statistics


Overall, layoffs and furloughs have effected minority workers, including people of color, women, as well as young workers the most. Furthermore, broader measures of joblessness that include part-time workers who want full-time work, discouraged workers no longer seeking employment, and the unemployed is at the highest it’s ever been: 22.8%. Another statistic to pay attention to the current job openings which have fallen by nearly 30% since March.

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How to Find, View, and Edit Passwords on Mac

Man working on Mac laptop

*If someone gets access to your computer passwords they may be able to take money from you or impersonate you online. It is important to keep your passwords securely stored on your computer if you want to avoid this type of cyber attack.

But once your passwords are saved there is a good chance you will forget those passwords.

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How to Choose the Right AR 15 Stock for Your Unique Build


*Whether this is your first time building an AR 15 or you’ve made some before, choosing the right parts can get a bit complicated.

There are loads of different types and brands of stocks to choose from for your new AR 15. So you want to make sure you buy not only the correct parts but also the one you want for your unique build. 

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Top Purse Brands Every Retailer Should Know

woman with big pink handbag-purse

*When it comes to taking your fashion game to the next level, there’s nothing better than having great accessories. And perhaps the ultimate accessory for any woman is a great handbag.

After all, an amazing purse is the perfect touch for completing an outfit. Women all over the world clamor to buy the top purse brands, making them the envy of their friends and peers. 

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How Top Companies Like Airbnb Are Improving Sustainability in the Workplace

Do you know any more businesses who are striving to help the planet?

If organizations talking about the environment are starting to sound like a broken record, it’s because the issue has never been more serious than it is today. In fact, it’s been estimated that at least 17 million acres of forests will be lost permanently to city development over the next 50 years.

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How Can You Grow a Successful Small Business?

In today’s world, starting a small business is a process that is ripe with more opportunities than ever before. However, that does not mean that starting a business that is successful is not without its own hurdles, obstacles, and roadblocks. Far too many business owners leap into the world of business without doing the slightest work to ensure that they are prepared for the challenges that lie ahead. The good news is that there are more resources than ever before that you can consult when you’re feeling lost or stuck in growing your successful small business. Here’s our simple guide to growing a successful small business. Let’s get started.

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