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Black Men Arrested at Starbucks Prove You Can Use Any Platform to Turn a Negative into a Positive

*By now everyone has heard the story about the two brothers led out of a Philadelphia Starbucks in the prestigious Rittenhouse Square neighborhood in handcuffs after the white female manager called the police on them. The men were waiting for a business associate. They were going to speak on real estate. The manager got frustrated because she said the men would not buy anything and refused to leave.

A furor over the incident quickly ensued. People in the restaurant, white, Black and other, were seen recording the incident with cellphones and asking police, “But what did they do?”

Starbucks CEO, Kevin Johnson, even issued an apology and the manager was let go.

These two men who spent several hours in a jail cell were eventually released with no charges filed.  Johnson dropped everything and came to Philly to personally apologize to the men. But by now  the momentum for a greater movement had started; and if Starbucks and the police thought this would be the end of it…

…They thought wrong.

Rashon Nelson, being led out of Starbucks in handcuffs,  said he considers this a case of being at “the wrong place at the right time because of the outcome that can come out of it.”

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Watch: Black Man’s Coupon Denied By Restaurant, Yet Same Coupon By White Roommate is Accepted

Link Alexander

*Link Alexander walked into a Rocky Mount North Carolina restaurant with a coupon that guaranteed him a free meal. But he was met with a suspicious eye from an employee.

After he explained, Alexander was told the coupon offering “one free buffet” was no good because it didn’t have signatures from the restaurant managers.

?He looks at the card. He looks at me. He was like, ?So where did you get the card from?’? Alexander said. ?It has to be signed by my manager, or my [district manager], and this is neither one of their signatures,? Alexander said the assistant manager told him.

Dejected, he left empty-handed. But that wasn’t the end of it.

When he got home, he relayed the experience to his roommate, a white dude named Rex Sterling; who immediately went into action.

?I took his coupon, the same one they rejected 2 hours earlier, and went to the same Pizza Inn myself to see if my experience would be any different and also to confront the manager and ask for answers,? Sterling said in his Facebook post.

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6th Annual Web Television Awards (IAWTV) Event Announced Today: May 31st Submission Deadline

(l-r) Sandy Payne, Board Member IAWTV, The Caucus Co-chairs Robert Papazian and Tanya Hart and Tina Cesa Ward, Chairman, IAWTV. Photo Credit: Steve Cohn Photography

*Hollywood, California ? The International Academy of Web Television will host its 6th Annual IAWTV Awards at a gala celebration honoring the best in streaming series starting at 8 p.m. on August 24, 2018, in the Ahmanson Ballroom at the Skirball Cultural Center in Los Angeles. Red Carpet will start at 6 p.m.

The IAWTV (, a division of The Caucus of Producers, Writers & Directors (, will recognize the finest creators, cast and crew of web series from around the world. The IAWTV Awards 2018 returns the ceremony to its second year at the Skirball Cultural Center.

Open to IAWTV members and non-members through the festival submission site FilmFreeway (, the show itself will recognize the contributions of creative professionals in 29 separate categories that run the gamut of genres and crew positions. The entire ceremony will be streamed live online. Former hosts for the show include Emmy-winners Kim Estes, Chris Hardwick and Carrie Preston; and Tony-winner and SAG Award-winner Roger Bart. The IAWTV will announce its 2018 host soon.

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This Airline Will Pay You to Travel the World (No Seriously. This is Real!)

*Wow!!! Oh wait, that’s the actual name of the airline that’s willing to fork out some dollars if they choose you to travel the world. While I get busy thinking of another word to use, ’cause “Holy sh*t” might not be appropriate, read on, baby!

WOW Air, a low-cost carrier founded in 2011, is looking for two people to do what anyone with a heartbeat should call a dream job.

The airline is hiring a person (maybe you) and their “best friend” (think: YOUR BFF) to visit some of their 38 destinations around the world and digitally document the experience.

Are you thinking, “Hey, I can do that!”

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How Sick Are You of Surveys? (They spend a second on the service, and want you to spend 5 minutes on the survey!)

*I guess the only way they will know, is if we tell them. Retailers who see the need to put consumers on “fill out this survey” overload.

Seriously, must I complete a survey to let you know how the girl who is being paid to reach inside the glass case to get (and hand me) the donut I purchased did?

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Beyonc? Teams with Google to Announce Education Scholarships (to Benefit HBCU’s)

Photo credit: Raven Varona

*Beyonc? continues to prove she is not only fierce on the stage, but also behind the scenes. The megastar is using her platform to inspire young people to “BeyGood” following her positive examples in leadership. Once more she has put her money where her mouth is and awarded four HBCUs scholarships of $25,000 each.

Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia; Fisk University in Nashville, Tennessee; Grambling State University in Grambling, Louisiana; and and Texas Southern University in Houston is in line to receive the monies.

Bey is definitely on a mission, and she is urging other businesses will step up and join her.

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Watch: ‘Returning the Favor’ Reality Show Surprises 14-Year-Old Soap Maker With His Own Store

*Donovan Steele and his mother, Casey, were once homeless. After his mom, a Navy veteran, came home, she was diagnosed with PTSD and working a minimum wage job coupled with a small amount of child support just wasn’t enough to keep a roof over their head.

Casey ended up having to sell everything she owned, her car, a small amount of jewelry, until she had nothing left. She explains on the show, Returning the Favor, that one of her worst and most hopeless moments was when there was no hot water for her son Donovan to shower. He was shivering in the cold and this brought her to tears.

She told him that if he didn’t keep himself clean, someone would know something was wrong and call Child Protective Services; and they would come and take him away from her.

But some people, no matter what age they are, are not going to be defeated.

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Unique Workshop Teaches ‘Catfish’ Marketing, Moonlight Networks, Death Row Publicity Methods and More! (Curious Much?)

*Have you ever wondered if there’s some memo you missed, or some “secret” you were not in on, when it comes to people recognizing your hard work, your business, heck…YOU!
Well no matter what your calling is, on Thursday, April 12, you might want to put this unique breakfast workshop on your schedule.
…and it only costs $25 (food included)!
The Pasadena Chamber of Commerce’ Monthly Workshop Breakfast Series presents Dr. Marcia Ann Mims Coppertino; CEO of the Award Winning Consulting Group, Coppertino and Associates, to show you exactly what you need to know — and do — to UP YOUR GAME.
Dr. Coppertino, the former General Manager for Cendent, parent company  of Jackson Hewitt Financial and Tax Services, has trained 300 employees to become tax agents; under a 20 million dollar budget. She has opened over 40 offices throughout Southern California for business owners of the Jackson Hewitt franchise.
Get off line and get in line to hear new ways of succeeding and branding your business as a number one player!

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